Entire ecosystem was jubilant: PM’s swipe at Rahul Gandhi over Speech

“Yesterday, after some people’s remarks in Lok Sabha, I was watching. The entire ‘ecosystem’ was jumping. Supporters were jubilant,” PM Modi said in Lok Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s statements in Parliament on Wednesday, saying the whole “ecosystem” and their followers were ecstatic following “few people’s words” in Lok Sabha. In response to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi attacked the Opposition and stated that those who are distressed by India’s success must reflect.

“Leaders spoke on President’s address as per their interest, nature but their utterances also reflect their capability, capacity, intent. After some people’s remarks yesterday in Lok Sabha, entire ‘ecosystem’ and their supporters were jubilant,” PM Modi said.


Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s absence in Lok Sabha, PM Modi said, “I was watching yesterday. After the speeches of a few people, some people were happily saying, ‘Ye hui na baat’. Maybe they slept well and couldn’t wake up (on time).”

PM Modi’s speech came a day after Congress MP Rahul Gandhi connected the tremendous growth in corporate fortunes and personal riches of billionaire Gautam Adani to the Modi government’s election in 2014.

Since US short-seller Hindenburg Research accused Adani Group of stock manipulation and accounting fraud, the Budget session of Parliament has been disrupted by commotion. The Adani Group has denied any misconduct and has threatened Hindenburg with legal action.

During PM Modi’s statements, several Opposition leaders stormed out of the Lok Sabha, screaming chants calling for a joint parliamentary committee investigation into the charges against the Adani Group.

Continuing his attack on the Opposition, PM Modi said India taking the G20 chair was a source of pride for the country but “some individuals are disgruntled by India’s prosperity”.

“Today, there is positivity, hope, trust for India across the world. It is a matter of joy that today India has received the opportunity of G20 Presidency. It is a matter of pride for the country, for the 140 crore Indians. But I think this too is hurting some people,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi slammed the Congress-led UPA rule, saying their trademark from 2004 to 2014 was to turn any opportunity into a catastrophe.

“During 10 years of UPA govt, inflation was in double digits and hence when something good happens, their sadness increases. In the history of the country’s independence, 2004-2014 was full of scams. Terror attacks took place across the country in those 10 years,” he said.