Emergency declared at Kochi airport

Emergency declared at Kochi airport

A hydraulic malfunction occurred on an aircraft from Sharjah to Kochi. The flight’s 183 passengers and six crew members were all unharmed.


On Monday, the Kochi airport declared a major emergency owing to a hydraulic malfunction experienced by an aircraft.

According to ANI, aircraft IX 412 from Sharjah to Kochi experienced a hydraulic breakdown. The flight’s 183 passengers and six crew members were all unharmed.

A statement by Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) said, “Suspected hydraulic failure at IX 412 from Sharjah to Kochi. Due to this, a full emergency was declared at 8.04 pm in the Kochi Airport. The aircraft landed safely at 8.26 pm”.

The CIAL also said that no runways were closed or planes were diverted.

According to an Air India Express spokesperson, the landing was regular at the planned arrival time (8.34 PM), and the pilot made no urgent or emergency calls to Air Traffic Control (ATC).

The official further stated that there was no emergency landing on the Sharjah-Kochi route.

According to him, the pilot noted a fluctuation in the Hydraulic Pressure System and contacted ATC as a precaution.

Earlier that day, an Air Asia jet makes an emergency landing in Lucknow shortly after taking off towards Kolkata.

After being struck by a bird, the flight was forced to return to Lucknow.

Air Aisa sent an Airbus aircraft with around 170 passengers for the Kolkata operation, all of whom are safe.

“Flight i5-319, scheduled to operate from Lucknow to Kolkata, encountered a bird strike during the take-off roll. As a result, the aircraft returned to the bay and was grounded for detailed inspection. Impacted guests were attended to and we are making all efforts to mitigate the impact on the integrity of other scheduled operations,” the carrier said.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond our control,” it added.