An underaged drug addict murders four in Kamalpur of Tripura

Police arrested an underaged drug addict boy on Sunday morning from Halahali market for allegedly killing four adults including his mother, sister, and grandfather in Durai Shibbari area of Kamalpur in Dhalai district on Saturday night.

The victim is identified as 17-year-old Supriya Debnath, who admitted the crime to police during the preliminary investigation.


Reportedly, the accused has been in the clutch of drugs and narcotics for two years and is fond of various crime serials on Television.

Police said the victims were identified as Badal Debnath (70), grandfather of the accused, Sumita Debnath (40), mother of the accused, Suparna Debnath (10), sister of the accused, and Rekha Deb (45), a next-door neighbour of the accused.

The father of the accused Haradhan Debnath – a driver by profession reported the incident to the police late at night.

“I returned home at around 11 pm and found doors open and several blood strains inside the room and courtyard but nobody was available. While looking around I saw four bodies dumped in a well on the other side of the courtyard and I raised an alarm. Along with neighbours, the search found the bodies of my father, wife, daughter, and the neighbour in the pool of blood, and my son was absent,” Haradhan told police.

Superintendent of Police (Dhalai) Ramesh Yadav said, “Haradhan called Kamalpur police station late at night and informed the incident. Immediately, we all rushed to spot and recovered the bodies, and sent them to the hospital. All suspected Supriya behind the killing and accordingly police launched operations. In the morning he was found at Halahali Bazar in a distressed condition.”

The father of the accused Supriya told police that his son was addicted to drugs and the Crime Petrol TV serial.

The whole day he was sitting on TV serials and consuming the drugs he got from his network and said, “After leaving school he used to help her mother with the family work but during the lockdown, he got drug addiction. We made all efforts to bring him out of the addiction but failed – this has become the main problem in my family.”

Based on the statements of the local people, police believed that Supriya had been using a sound system loudly on Saturday afternoon and it continued till late evening.

Rekha Deb, an Anganwadi worker had gone to Debnath’s house in the evening as a regular visit and there might be some trouble created by Supriya with the family members, and he killed all of them including the neighbour.

The family members of the victim Rekha Deb alleged that after the late evening when she didn’t return back home, they launched a search and also visited Debnath’s house but found none in the family.

They thought she might be gone somewhere else; meantime house owner Haradhan Debnath raised the alarm of the murder.