Chandrakant Patil reviewes preparations for the ‘G-20’ conference

Pune Guardian Minister and State Higher and Technical Education Minister Chandrakant Patil reviewed the preparations in the city on Monday in view of the G-20 Council meeting to be held in Pune.

Approximately 200 delegates from 38 different countries will come to Pune for this meeting next week. Patil personally inspected the route from the landing of these delegates at Lohgaon Airport to the meeting place on Senapati Bapat road and gave the necessary instructions to remove the remaining errors on this route. He also inspected the security system at the airport.
Patil held a meeting of all the senior officials in Pune at the place where the G-20 Council meetings were to be held and reviewed the preparations. On this occasion, Pune Divisional Commissioner Saurabh Rao, Pune Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar, Collector Rajesh Deshmukh, Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar and many senior officials were present.
In the background of the G-20 meeting, the issues of city beautification, security of foreign delegates and easy transportation in the city, as well as their welcome and hospitality were widely discussed. Pune Divisional Commissioner Saurabh Rao gave a presentation about the organization of G-20 meetings and informed to Guardian Minister about the responsibility assigned to various government agencies.


Rao said that separate halls of the Municipal Corporation, State Tourism Development Corporation, State Industrial Development Corporation and Women’s Self-Government Groups will be opened.

After reviewing the preparations, Patil gave instructions that all the government agencies should coordinate with each other and organize the G-20 meetings in Pune successfully.

Patil said in a press conference after the meeting that the representatives present on this occasion will get a glimpse of the rich and glorious traditions of Maharashtra and the country along with Pune.
He said that the G-20 meetings to be held in Pune will mainly focus on increasing urbanization and infrastructure facilities for it.

Pune University will also present cultural programs in honor of these guests. It will include Jugalbandi of Lavani, Shiva Vandana, Ganesha Stuti and Ganadal and others. Apart from this, Patil informed that the foreign representatives will be welcomed by tying feta in a special Maratha style and beating drums.