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BJYM Worker Murder: Accused’s wife reveals terrorist group connection

In the BJYM Worker Murder case, suspects Mohammed Shafiq Ballere and Zaqir Savanuru have been claimed to be affiliated with the Islamist terrorist groups. Check details below.


In the hours following the detention of two suspects, Mohammed Shafiq Ballere and Zaqir Savanuru, in connection with the murder of BJP Yuva Morcha (BJYM) member Praveen Kumar Nettaru in Karnataka.

Claims have been made of Shafiq and Zakir’s affiliation with the Islamist terrorist groups PFI and SDPI.

According to reports, the wife of Shafiq has confirmed that her husband was an active member of the PFI and that he was a social worker in the organisation. But had no idea about the brutal incident. She further asserted that Shafiq was completely shunned by the news and had tears in his eyes. PFI is allegedly trying to frame him.


BJYM Worker Murder Case

BJP Yuva Morcha (BJYM) worker, Praveen, a native of Nettaru in Bellare, was hacked to death late on Tuesday. Which was in front of his broiler shop by three bike-borne individuals. This occurs after a Muslim teen died on June 19 in the same district’s neighbouring Kalanja following an assault by members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

When Nettaru was about to close his poultry shop for the day on Tuesday night. Moreover, he was attacked with machetes. The assailants rode off on a motorcycle. He later passed away at a nearby hospital.


Masud, an 18-year-old house painter from the nearby state of Kerala who lived in Kalanja, passed away on June 19. Which was two days after being attacked. Eight VHP employees had been detained by the police, who had them charged with crimes under applicable statutes, including IPC 302 for murder. The authorities are looking into whether Nettaru was attacked in retaliation for the killing of Masud.