American actress Amanda Cerny shows support to ongoing Farmers’ Protest


Amanda Cerny, a famous American actress, vlogger and social media influencer has come out in support of ongoing farmers agitation in the outskirts of national capital New Delhi.

The actress posted a picture of protesting womens on her Instagram handle with a caption, “The world is watching. You don’t have to be Indian or Punjabi or South Asian to understand the issue. All you have to do is care about humanity. Always demand freedom of speech, freedom of press, basic human and civil rights-equity and dignity for workers. ❤️ #FarmersProtest #internetshutdown”.

Amanda shared the same on her Instagram story too. She has over 25 million followers on Instagram.

Recently, not only Indian celebrities but global celebrities too have come forward to show their open support for ongoing farmers agitation in India. Before Amanda, singer Rihanna also asked through her Twitter handle, “why aren’t we talking about this?! #FarmersProtest”.

From over 2 months, farmers are protesting on the outskirts of Delhi, to show their anger against the new Farms Act enacted by central government of India.

Internet has been clamped down in many areas of the protests and over 110 Twitter accounts have been withheld amidst the agitation.