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AICC spokesperson Sravan Dasoju quits Congress, blaming Telangana unit president

Alleging that there is total disorder in the party under the leadership of state unit President A. Revanth Reddy, he said he was “not ready to live like a slave” in the organisation and hence decided to resign.


In a blow to the Congress in Telangana, AICC spokesperson Sravan Dasoju announced his resignation on Friday, citing disagreements with state Congress president and MP A Revanth Reddy’s leadership style.

He told reporters here that he is resigning from all party posts and primary membership of the party. He claimed that Reddy is not following Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s principle of social justice, as well as the ideals for which party chief Sonia Gandhi granted Telangana statehood.

Sravan Dasoju, a backward class leader, claimed that Manickam Tagore, the AICC’s in-charge of party affairs in Telangana, did not correct Reddy when the latter spoke as if his own community should be powerful while backward classes, SCs, and STs would be ignored.


Other caste leaders did not agree with Reddy’s comments about caste chauvinism, he said.

Sravan Dasoju, who used to translate top AICC leaders’ speeches, including Rahul Gandhi’s, at public meetings, accused the PCC president of self-promotion at the expense of others.

Meanwhile, Congress Lok Sabha member Komatireddy Venkata Reddy expressed his displeasure with the PCC president’s induction of a leader who worked against him in the previous Lok Sabha elections into the Congress on Friday.


Venkata Reddy, who spoke to reporters in Delhi, was also outraged that a public meeting in his constituency had been announced without his knowledge.

Venkata Reddy’s brother and MLA Rajagopal Reddy had recently resigned from Congress. Rajagopal Reddy had also stated his intention to resign as MLA.