59 Chinese apps banned by Government of India: Will the already installed ones work?

The union government’s flash step to push a blanket ban on major Chinese applications has thrown the existing users and their calm into chaos

The government notification, shrouding a cloud of the ban over major chines origin applications, including the likes of TikTok and Shareit, which already have established a major foundation in the form of people loyal to their application’s services in the past few years.

The aforementioned factor paves a way open for another question concerning, as the future of these applications and their patrons, who have using it for years, remains largely unanswered. Although the app would not vanish from their smartphones overnight, the feasibility of a stable usage of these applications would become tough to endure, as these applications, especially social networking apps, like titok require regular updates for security purposes.

Nevertheless, in the age of technology, there are multiple windows that open up, when one door shuts. This, as one can illicitly bypass these restrictions by running the applications on Android Application Package (APK), which is usually deployed by android devices to procure files of android based operating apps and even middleware.  Such means are rampantly used, when the application is not available in the said region, like in the case of Spotify until 2019. these means usually procure unstable renditions of the same service, as a result of which, are not advised by the android operating system.

However, these steps, which come in the light of the persistent and burgeoning border tensions, will impact both sides equally.

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