How to groom your dog at home

Maintaining proper hygiene of your dog will keep them healthy and clean. Here are some steps you can follow to groom your dog at home.

Grooming your dog should always be your priority because their health depends on it. Regular grooming is required to ensure no germs rest on their fur. Maintaining proper hygiene will keep them healthy and clean.

The grooming process starts with the eyes, ears and teeth. For eyes, use the eyedrop solution to clean their eyes from dirt present inside. It’ll keep their eyes moist. For their ears, use an ear cleaning solution and get the wax out of the ear canal. Clean their ear flaps and ear folds with cotton balls. Use toothpaste for dogs to brush their teeth. Brush their teeth 3 times a week.

Daily bathing is not good for the dog’s fur. You can brush your dog thrice a week. Before bathing your dog, brush them. This will remove the dirt present in their fur. Brush your dog from the head down to their body. Be careful about brushing their abdomen and belly part. Use a good quality brush. Wash your dog in lukewarm water and you can use anti-bacterial shampoo to wash them. Dry them off with a towel.

Next, tie your dog with a leash to a place. Comb their hair and then use an electric clipper on their body. Start from their neck and move down to their body. Comb their leg hair and use curved scissors to cut the extra fur. Comb their ears. Keep their hair in between your fingers up to whatever length you want and cut them. In the same way, cut their beard hair. Brush their tail and cut the hair up to the desired length.

You will have to be careful while clipping their nails. Cut the nail at a 45-degree angle. Make sure to go slow and cut small portions of their nails at a time. File the nails to smoothen their edges.

Offer treats in between the grooming process to keep them calm.