9 Benefits Of Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Here are the 9 benefits of using apple cider vinegar in your daily life for maintaining healthy lifestyle.

You all must have heard about the buzz for apple cider vinegar everywhere and how everyone is talking about it’s different purposes and benefits. Do you know what it really is??…Why Apple cider vinegar??…
Lets first talk about what Apple Cider Vinegar is actually is…why to use…and 9 benefits from it.

What is Apple cider vinegar?


Apple cider vinegar is fermented juice comes from crushed apple. It mainly contains acetic acid and citric acid. Like other vinegars it has 5 percent acidity.


Why to drink Apple cider vinegar? 

It sounds crazy but it has many benefits.
Not only that, apple cider vinegar is also filled with nutrients like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and amino acids. Apple cider vinegar also have antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.


9 benefits of using apple cider vinegar-


1. Improves digestion

A lot of experiments prove that apple cider vinegar is good for digestion.
When 5-10ml of apple cider vinegar is taken after every meal regularly then it work as magic potion for digestion.


2. Lowers blood sugar levels

Blood sugar patients have recommended that taking 30-35 ml of apple cider vinegar regularly helps in lower the blood sugar level. The cider vinegar can be easily taken with warm water or with some salads or with any light foods.


3. Helps to Lose weight

Most of us want to shed the extra weight and when we talk about weight loss we hear about the apple cider vinegar. And guess what its true, apple cider vinegar really plays and important role in weight loss. As consumption of apple cider vinegar in daily basis helps weight loss by reducing craving and maintaining healthy lifestyle.
Apple cider vinegar can be used in every dietry foods but remember it must not exceed more than 40ml per day as Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature so more consumption of it can produce irritation in stomach.


4. Improves hair health

We have seen many videos of hair care where they use vinegar for smooth and silky hair and not only this. Most of the hair care products also contains apple cider vinegar for dandruff and other hair problems .
So, yes this fact is totally true as it is experimented one too.
Using the mixture of apply cider vinegar with water or with oil an hour before shampooing add extra good texture in hair and removes roughness and also helps to reduce dandruff.
Use of apple cider vinegar maintains the pH of hair scalp.

5. Treats skin problems

Likely hair apple cider vinegar also helps in treating skin problem like acne,sunburn, age spot,etc.
Apple cider vinegar balance the pH level of your skin, it is best to replace your skin toner with it.
It can be used as excellent alternative to a regular after shave lotion.


6. For immunity

Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial properties which can boost your immune system and helps to fight against intestinal infestion and constipation, ensuring proper digestion.


7. Improves heart health and cancer risk

Taking proper amount of apple cider vinegar on daily basis improves heart health and also work as aid to detoxifying your system.
Apple cider vinegar also known to reduce glucose levels and fight cancerous cells.


8. Bad breath and mouth problem

Gargle with dilute apple cider vinegar in warm water twice a day to get rid of bad breath.


9. For white teeth

Give your teeth a nice rub of apple cider vinegar, rinse off thoroughly and repeat for few days to get sparkling white teeth.


So all in one apple cider vinegar is best home remedy for daily life purposes.