6 effective face exercises for a younger looking skin

Here are 6 effective and flexible face exercises to do for getting a naturally younger looking and healthy skin

Being young in and out is something that everyone desires for. No one likes to grow old with time. Whereas being young from both heart and body is a key to a stress-free and happy life. While one can keep their heart and body young by doing different exercise and following different philosophy for life. But maintaining a healthy looking facial skin is comparatively difficult. There are many soaps and chemicals that claims to keep your skin young looking. But these might worsen your skin as not every product is trust worthy. Growing old in terms of skin and body is a natural process and involving chemicals and surgeries to stop that can lead to serious consequences. You can’t get back the skin of sixteen’s at an age of 30. But you can naturally get a healthy and young looking skin by doing some facial exercise on regular basis. These are proven effective in naturally building a healthy and young looking skin without doing much. These are flexible and can be done at any place.


6 face exercises for a younger looking skin



Shocked staring facial exercise

This exercise will increase blood circulation to your eyes reducing bags and puffiness around them. In this facial exercise you have to widen your eyes and stare at a distant object as if you are shocked at what you are witnessing. Practice this facial exercise thrice a day for five seconds for a young looking skin.


The Fish Pout facial exercise

You might look funny while doing but this facial exercise is really beneficial for chin and chicks. It gives you a sharp facial appearence and younger looking skin. Hold both your lips together and suck the inside of your cheeks into the gap between the sides of your teeth and try to make a pout like a gold fish. For best results try this exercise atleast four times a day.


Chew gum facial exercise

While doing this exercise you need to act like you are chewing gum. This will make your chubby chicks look sharp . It also increases flow of blood in your face. Do this exercise for few seconds, atleast thrice a day.


Surprise facial exercise

This exercise will strengthen your forehead muscles and will prevent wrinkles on your face. You have to gently scrunch your forehead by raising both your eyebrows as you are surprised. Do this exercise at least five times a day for a young looking skin.


Blow ballon facial exercise

This exercise is very effective in removing acne scars and pimples by increasing blood circulation in your face. You have to blow your chicks as if you are blowing ballons and act to whistle by holding both your lips together. Do this for few seconds, twice and thrice a day.


Stretching facial exercise

Stretching is always every good for maintaing a healthy and flexible body. Whereas it is also very effective facial exercise. Contract and relax the neck by pulling it sideways, up and down for few seconds, twice or thrice a day.