Welcome to the business of healing hearts – The breakup boot camps

It is generally believed that time and age together are the two most powerful instruments for transformation. A hope that sorrow you might feel today will eventually heal itself with time and your age. Thus, it will make you wiser, thus, all of your life experiences, bitter or sweet, your soul will perhaps endure gracefully.

Heartbreak, is one such catalyst, perhaps a nightmare to most and a blessing to a few. Most of us seek asylum of various instruments to escape or to heal our wounds, many are successful too. However, there is a minute group of people amongst us, who aren’t in a mental, emotional or physical space to cope up with the reality and it hits them like a striking thunderbolt, time and again, over and over. We fail to recognize that it is a temporary state of mind and things will eventually fall into place, therefore, to combat depression in the contemporary times we have something emerging as the ‘breakup boot camps’.

These are basically spiritual engineering camps located in the heart of luxe lush natural surroundings, one such is in New York too, founded by Amy Chan. Amy has also published her book titled, ‘Breakup Bootcamp’, to further explain the entire process. Though this getaway therapy course is slightly on the higher side – weekend costs between $1,295 and $2,495. The programs are conducted by the various spiritual life coaches accompanied along with several Yoga meditative practices etc, the camp certainly rejuvenates its participants with a renewed zeal for life.

Therefore, those who can’t burn the bridges and get over with it maybe you should give breakup boot camp a shot and share your experience with the rest of the public.

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