Tourism is essential for India to become a 5 trillion dollar economy: Minister

India has become an attractive tourist destination for many international travellers due to the country’s rich tradition, culture and coexistence of a diversity of people.

Tourism has always been a very attractive destination for travellers who are residing outside the country. During the time of the pandemic, the Tourism industry had suffered a  huge loss but the pace was picked up in the last year as efforts were made to put the industry back on track. The revival of the industry has been indicated by Union Minister for Tourism, Culture and DoNER, G. Krishna Reddy.

India is a place to visit and be altered for life for any traveller from across the world. Speaking on the second day of the National Conference of State Tourism in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, Reddy stated, “Tourism has a very important role to play if India has to accomplish its immediate aim of a five trillion dollar GDP and its long-term goal of a developed nation.”


Minister Reddy talked about India offering a diversity of products to anyone who visits the place, for example, India is a country that offers a traveller a beautiful coastline as well as a mesmerizing view of the mountains all in one go. The country with its rich traditions, culture, customs etc. has made an impact on the world. In order for the advantages of tourism to trickle down to the local level, he noted, local residents and communities must be recruited for support.

New efforts such as Yuva Tourism Clubs at all levels in the states are being formed by the efforts of respective state governments. For the establishment of these tourist clubs to introduce the youth to the idea of “Dekho Apna Desh,” states must act urgently.