Planning a holiday to Africa? Here are 5 popular places to visit

Most travellers’ bucket lists undoubtedly include a trip to Africa. Compared to all other continents, Africa has not yet been fully explored. Africa has a wide variety of tourist destinations, from stunning natural landscapes to areas with plenty of art and architecture.

Here are 5 popular places to visit in Africa


1. South Africa

South Africa is a great place for a lot of people to go on their first safari trip. Kruger National Park and Sabi Sand Nature Reserve provide exclusive Big Five safaris that are accompanied by costly safari lodges. In the meantime, Cape Town offers world-class wine tasting, fop restaurants, art, an intriguing history and exciting outdoor and cultural activities.

2. Botswana

Botswana, which is about the size of Texas, provides some of the world’s most immersive safaris due to its low population density and progressive management.  Bordered by Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, this landlocked nation is a popular destination for those seeking a wilderness experience.

3. Uganda

Uganda is one of the most intriguing destinations you will ever visit, despite the fact that it may not appear like an attractive place to travel to. There are three nations in the world where mountain gorillas may be found, and Uganda is one of them. Since there are only 1000 mountain gorillas in the world, you may get the opportunity to see them if you love animals.

4. Zambia And Zimbabwe

If you have an obsession with waterfalls, you really should plan a vacation to Zimbabwe and Zambia. These two nations are well-known for their breathtaking waterfalls. You must be familiar with the renowned Victoria Falls.

5. Morocco

Most individuals get excited when they travel to desert regions. The most enjoyable part of the desert region is that you get to see people from various cultures and traditions. Spending a couple of days in Morocco’s Sahara desert will change your view on life. The largest desert in the world is the Sahara and visiting it will undoubtedly change your perspective on life.