5 must-visit places in Karnataka for a perfect vacation

The fourth most visited state in the country, Karnataka, has a lot to offer. It is truly a world unto itself, stretching from Bangalore in the south to Belgaum in the north. From breathtaking landscapes to a rich cultural heritage, calm beaches and mouthwatering food, it has plenty to offer everyone.

Here are the best places in Karnataka you must visit


1. Hampi

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also known as the City of Ruins. Tourists who adore history are going to love this place, which is nestled in Karnataka’s deepest valleys and hills. According to Holidify, the area is surrounded by 500 historic structures, gorgeous temples, vibrant street markets, bastions, the Treasury Building and Vijayanagar Empire ruins.

2. Mysore

Mysore is well known for its architecture, sandalwood, yoga and silk saree industry. Mysore Palace is a popular tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each chamber is an example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, with artistic decorations, exquisite paintings and stained-glass windows.

3. Coorg

In the state of Karnataka, Coorg is a famous hill station that produces coffee. It is situated between intimidating mountains. The gorgeous green hills and the streams that flow through them are its most famous features. Its people and culture make it a popular destination for tourists.

4. Badami

Badami is situated in the red sandstone valley that surrounds Agastya lake. It is also known for its magnificent fortifications, cave temples and sculptures made of sandstone. This region is a part of the Aihole-Badami-Pattadakal complex and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Nandi Hills

Travellers have finally started to hear about the hill station known as Nandi Hills over time. Tipu Sultan took refuge there from the heat of the plains and the noise of battle, and it is today a popular weekend destination for Bangalore residents.