5 most famous museums in India that you should not miss

India is a culturally and historically rich nation. However, it isn’t always boring. India’s museums have an enormous variety of information that can beat encyclopedias and search engines at any time. From fascinating scientific museums to informative historical hotspots, India has a plethora of popular museums recognized for their special collections and artefacts.

Here are 5 most famous museums in India that you should not miss


National Museum, New Delhi

One of India’s biggest museums, the National Museum is situated right in the centre of the nation’s capital. It holds a wide range of national artefacts, such as texts from the past, paintings from the Mughal Empire and artefacts from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Indian Museum, Kolkata

The oldest and largest museum in Asia was founded in 1814 and is located in Kolkata, India’s Indian Museum. It has a wide range of Egyptian mummies, Mughal art, fossils and antiquities. Its various displays include art, anthropology, geology and archaeology.

Rail Museum, Delhi

The rail heritage of India is the primary focus of this well-known Indian museum. It has specimens from various evolution times in Indian rail history. Whether it’s a Fairy Queen Engine or a Fire Engine, you’ll get a good look and knowledge of all the specimens here.

International Doll Museum, Delhi

The International Doll Museum in Delhi is without a doubt the best museum in India to be on a child’s list of museums in India. This is a museum that every child wishes to visit at least once. The huge exhibit from many nations is sure to draw both children and adults.

Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

The Salar Jung Museum, one of India’s three national museums, is well-known for its varied collections amassed by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, popularly known as Salar Jung III. Indian art, European paintings, Middle Eastern antiquities and Far Eastern items are among the many exhibits on display in the museum.