5 eco-friendly places to explore in India

Today’s world is quite distinct from the past, and travel has changed significantly. With a good reason, eco-friendly vacation spots are the newest thing in travel. This article provides a list of five beautiful destinations where eco-friendly activities blend peacefully with magnificent landscapes.

Here are 5 eco-friendly places to explore in India


1. Kanchenjunga National Park, Sikkim

Sikkim’s vast national park is a beautiful location. This is a true haven of nature, well-known for offering some of the greatest hiking experiences. There are rivers, valleys, glaciers and other features all across the place. Because of the number of wild animals, this area is perfect for eco-tourism.

2. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

The cleanest village in Asia is undoubtedly a feature of Meghalaya. Both the village folks’ focus and their level of hygiene are evident. Here, plastic is banned and bamboo trash cans can be found across the streets.

3. Thenmala, Kerala

Thenmala is a dedicated ecotourism location with some of nature’s best creations. Thenmala, surrounded by trees, is a treat for people who enjoy being near nature. It’s also a fantastic area for watching birds, so bring your binoculars.

4. Coorg, Karnataka

Nestled in the majestic Karnataka highlands and renowned for its constant mist, Coorg is a renowned hill station that produces coffee. The streams that flow right through the stunning, verdant slopes are its most well-known feature.

5. Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

The Seoni region charms tourists with its unique cultural heritage and rich natural beauty. For those who enjoy nature, the region’s lush landscapes, dense forests and clean rivers make it the perfect vacation.