5 best adventure activities in Tamil Nadu for a sporty getaway

Tamil Nadu, an attractive tourism destination in South India, is often considered one of the best in the nation. The best thing the state has to offer in terms of adventure tourism is an excellent variety of places that are open all year round for travellers to visit and enjoy an exciting vacation. Here are 5 best adventure activities in Tamil Nadu for a sporty getaway.

Surfing at Kovalam Beach


While visiting Tamil Nadu, surfing at Kovalam Beach is an excellent adventure sport for anyone who enjoys the water. Over the years, Kovalam has become more well-known for its annual surfing festival, which draws tourists from all over the world

Trekking at the Kolli Hills

The Kolli Hills are a peaceful mountain. The hill is covered in medicinal plants and because it is rare, it is beautiful; hence, it is a unique hiking destination. This hike will begin at the beautiful city of Puliyancholai, located at the foot of the Kolli Hills. The magnificent Agaya Gangai waterfalls serve as the excursion’s finale.

Rock Climbing in Yelagiri

Yelagiri, a small hill station set among granite hills and green valleys, attracts rock climbing enthusiasts from all around. As you climb challenging rock faces against breathtaking backdrops, you’ll put your strength and agility to the test. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert climber, Yelagiri has routes for all skill levels.

Mountain biking in Ooty

If you enjoy cycling, don’t miss out on this exciting activity in Ooty. This hill station just established a new mountain biking park for riders to enjoy the excitement of steep curves, bends and challenging inclines.

Paragliding in Yercaud

Take to the sky and soar above the beautiful landscape of Yercaud, another gem in the crown of adventure tourism in Tamil Nadu. Enjoy the joy of paragliding as you fly over rich coffee plantations, peaceful lakes and gorgeous hills.