5 beautiful places on Earth where the sun never sets

Don’t we all have days when we wish it would never end? Well, some people are fortunate to have their request granted. We are discussing parts of the globe where the sun never sets. Imagine that there is no end to the day and that you are unsure of when to go to bed and wake up.

So, get ready to explore places across the world where the sun never sets!


1. Norway

Norway is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun because it is located in the Arctic Circle. From May to late July, Norway has around 76 days of continuous daylight. The sun shines constantly on Svalbard, Norway, Europe’s northernmost populated territory, from April 10 to August 23. Planning a visit during this period allows you to enjoy days without nights.

2. Iceland

Iceland, the second-largest island in Europe after Great Britain, has clear nights during the summer. Parts of Iceland, such as Grimsey Island in the Arctic Circle and the city of Akureyri, experience the Midnight Sun happening in June when the sun never sets.

3. Alaska

From late May to late July, the sun never sets in this nation. Alaska is stunning and magnificent, yet during the cold winter months, it is completely dark. It is well-known for its breathtaking glaciers and snow-capped mountains, and you may go sightseeing or trekking there.

4. Nunavut, Canada

Situated in Canada’s Northwest Territories, two degrees above the Arctic Circle, Nunavut is home to a population of slightly over 3000 people. This city experiences around two months of uninterrupted sunlight, while its winters consist of about 30 consecutive days of total darkness.

5. Sweden

The sun rises in Sweden around 4:30 am and sets at midnight, with temperatures typically higher than those of the other nations indicated above. This happens from early May until late August. Some places in Sweden can experience constant sunshine for up to six months of the year, resulting in long days filled with adventurous activities like golfing, fishing and trekking.