5 beautiful hill stations in West Bengal you need to visit on your next vacation

West Bengal’s summers can be harsh, but the breathtaking hill stations of the state offer the ideal getaway! Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a chance to reconnect with nature, these cool and beautiful destinations have something to offer everyone.

Here are 5 beautiful hill stations in West Bengal you need to visit on your next vacation


1. Mirik

Make sure you visit Mirik, a small town located around 50 miles from Darjeeling if you’re in Darjeeling. Mirik offers stunning scenery with an abundance of greenery throughout the year due to its dense forests.

2. Darjeeling

With some of the greatest tea gardens in the world and the home of the renowned “Darjeeling Tea,” Darjeeling is the tea capital of India. Because of its pleasant and cool temperature, it’s also one of the top tourist destinations in West Bengal during the summer.

3. Kurseong

This beautiful hill station is known as “Kharsang” in the Lepcha language, which translates to “Land of White Orchids”. Kurseong, which is 1458 meters above sea level, has a beautiful climate all year and is a popular destination for travellers visiting Darjeeling because it is only 30 kilometres away.

4. Kalimpong

When we think about Kalimpong, all we can think of is the plastic-wrapped lollipops that are a popular souvenir. And, of course, the city has verdant valleys that provide an unparalleled view of the Eastern Himalayas. Here, you may visit Durpin Dara, often known as “binocular hill,” from where you can use a set of binoculars to enjoy a fantastic view.

5. Rimbik

Located in North Bengal, Rimbik is a unique place that is very close to Darjeeling—about 56 miles. This haven for trekkers provides several paths leading into the surrounding hills, ideal for those looking for adventure.