4 unconquered mountains in the world

In the mountaineering world, the thrill of climbing high peaks has inspired adventurers’ goals for many years. However, there are still some unreachable peaks that are impossible for people to reach.

Here are 4 unconquered mountains in the world


1. Muchu Chhish, Pakistan

This 24,591-foot mountain in Pakistan is perhaps the highest unclimbed peak that people can legally climb. The police won’t block your path, but Muchu Chhish itself stops people.

2. Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan

Gangkhar Puensum is often regarded as the world’s tallest unclimbed mountain. At 24,836 feet, it comfortably surpasses Bhutan officials’ 1994 benchmark, which prohibits climbing any mountain higher than 6,000 meters (this peak is over 7,500).

3. Labuche Kang III, Nepal

Labuche Kang III is a mountain in Nepal that has not been climbed by any human climbers. Restricted access, along with the technical difficulties posed by its steep and snowy slopes, has deterred attempts on this mountain.

4. Kabru North Summit, India

Situated on the border between India and Nepal in the Himalayan range, Kabru Massif is a dual-summit mountain. Climbers have successfully reached the top in the south, but they have not yet reached the peak in the north, which is a towering 24,110 feet. The main obstacle to climbing this mountain in an area known for its massive peaks is its high rate of avalanches.