Some of the best Indian restaurants overseas

Here’s looking at some of the best Indian restaurants outside India.


We Indians are known to wander to far off lands to explore. It is no secret that we love embarking on foreign trips. However, while we sportingly decided to give other cuisines a chance, we do miss our own cuisine. Let’s take a look at some Indian restaurants outside India, that have managed to grasp our authenticity.

1.) Zaaffran

Located in Sydney, Australia and labelled as the best Indian restaurant in Sydney, Zaaffran is known to be skilful with the Indian herbs and spices, as it weaves through a wholesome Indian cuisine that makes you feel at home. The place also features a warm ambience with a beautiful view.

2.) G’Raj Mahal

G’Raj Mahal is a food trailer park, decked with a nice little tented seating area. The menu here includes scrumptious Indian snacks like kebabs, samosas and pakoras. It is located in Austin and frequented by many locals as well as tourists.

3.) Bombay Club

Situated in the bustling city of Washington, Bombay Club is yet another restaurant which serves authentic Indian food, along with some live music. It gives you the atmosphere of the many luxurious and royal clubs that used to exist in India during the British supremacy. The vibe here is suave.

4.) Gymkhana

Gymkhana is an Indian restaurant based in London which serves mouth watering tandoori food. While Indians flock around in large numbers, many locals can also be seen queuing up on weekends at this popular joint.

5.) Raga Restaurant

Raga Restaurant is located in Canada and has been serving traditional Indian dishes for the past 30 years. It has also featured in the list of Top 10 Indian Restaurants across the world. The menu of Raga has been curated by the famous Chef Kapotra who used to cook for the erstwhile Nehru and Gandhi families.