Cheapest cafes in Mumbai: These won’t make a hole in your pocket

Although the restaurant’s atmosphere may not be very appealing, you will be won over by its spicy delicious food, especially since the majority of the meals are priced under INR 100.


Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities in India. To make a great deal out of your stay in this city, along with enjoying delicious food, a big chunk of money can get wasted. However, if you are reading this, you are going to save big!


Sarvi is renowned for its healthy non-vegetarian cuisine.  Although the restaurant’s atmosphere may not be very appealing, you will be won over by its spicy delicious food, especially since the majority of the meals are priced under INR 100.

Cafe Sea Side

Located in Bandra, this cafe has a seaside view that looks just so pretty that you can even enjoy being with yourself here! The views can confuse you and will make you worry about the bill, but worry not because it is budget-friendly!

Sardar Pav Bhaji

The greatest pav bhaji may be found at Sardar Pav Bhaji, one of the most well-known street food vendors. 
There are numerous variations of this pav bhaji, including masala pav, cheese pav bhaji, and hot pav bhaji.

Cafe Madras

South Indian vegetarian cuisine is one of Mumbai’s all-time favourites served at this restaurant, which is always bustling because of the excellent food.  Having the renowned Filter coffee here is popular way for people to end their meals.