Top 10 outfit ideas for men’s to celebrate Christmas 2021

We present you top 10 outfit ideas to celebrate Christmas in style.

Christmas is a time to rejoice for everyone. It marks the end of a year and celebrates the beginning of a new one. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, taking part in the festivities is a no-brainer. Getting together with family, friends and even colleagues is an inherent part of Christmas that allows you to let loose and enjoy the party. 

Thus, Christmas is also a time to let your personality shine in every social gathering. Whether it is a stay-at-home evening or a formal Christmas party, there is no better way to stand out from the crowd than through your style. 


Understandably, searching for the right fashion to compliment your special day can be a daunting task for many. Men, in particular, seem to hesitate when it comes to shopping for Christmas, and they simply cannot figure out how to make a statement. But it cannot be argued that letting your clothes do the talking is the best way to make the first impression count. 

So, whether you want to dress for a formal occasion or relax at home, impress a significant other or a higher-up at the office, having an up-to-date wardrobe filled with items in vogue this season is a must.

Here are 10 different outfit ideas for Men to help you stand out during the 2021 Christmas celebrations: 


  1. Pyjamas
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While most men tend to ignore this particular item of clothing, pyjamas are undoubtedly the most important part of Christmas eve celebrations or early Christmas mornings as these are the times you’re bound to spend with your family at home. 

Now, pyjamas might seem like a boring first choice for a Christmas outfit, even for home, but it certainly does not have to be. After all, no rulebook claims that pyjamas cannot be fashionable. Choosing a Christmas-themed pyjama set with stripes or patterns is a sure shot way to look dapper effortlessly.


 2. Ugly Christmas sweaters

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Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters — as they’re referred to in popular media — is just as much a Christmas tradition as decorating a Christmas tree with colourful tinsel. 

This is your time to be as creative or weird as you wish to. There is surely no better way to present your humorous and quirky side than to don a stylishly ugly Christmas sweater. Select from infinite patterns, prints and puns to showcase your Christmas spirit in its full vigour.


 3. Onesies

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Nothing screams comfort as a woollen onesie. If comfort is the main deciding factor in how you wish to dress during this Christmas season, then wearing a colourful onesie is your best bet. But comfort does not mean you have to compromise on style.  

While most would not think of onesies as fashionable, with the right colours, themes and cuts, this clothing item does make a promising case for itself — even more so if you are planning on lounging indoors all day long!


 4. Seasonal Colours

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It is no secret that every season has a colour palette associated with it. Like summer is linked to pastels and fall to earthy tones, Christmas, too, has been traditionally associated with festive colours like red, green, golden and silver. 

Now, of course, not everyone may be bold enough to wear an entire monochromatic golden outfit but it is still possible to incorporate these colours into your festive wardrobe while maintaining subtlety. A pair of red trousers, A bottle green coloured tie, a silver lapel lining etc are just a few innovative to add a splash of festive spirit to your daily fashion.


 5. Chic Formal for office parties

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Christmas office parties are a novel occasion and the biggest opportunity for you to flaunt your personality in front of your colleagues outside of work. As most office parties call for formal attire, men usually struggle to pick the best outfit without seeming uninteresting or boring.

This is the time to go all out and put your best foot forward. And what is a better way to do that than to show up in a classic black tuxedo? Black tuxedos are effortlessly stylish and make a bold statement regardless of time and place. Add a pop of colour with a seasonal tie or lapel accessory to stand out while still complementing the Christmas theme.


 6. Smart casual for House Parties/ Family dinners

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Most family gatherings around Christmas have a semi-formal theme. But making a formal or casual outfit look elegant and stylish is a skill, not many possess. 

Even if all your senses are tingling to wear your favourite but overworn pair of jeans to the party and take the easy way out, making just a slight amount of effort carries forward to making a grand impression on everyone in attendance.

 Pairing your casual shirts with a nice pair of trousers and pullover, and topping it up with a velvet blazer or jacket can elevate even the most simple outfits into fashion statements. 

 7. Casual wear for fun outings

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This category is for those looking to celebrate Christmas this year with a fun and casual outing with their friends. If you’re away from home, or if you detest the formality of attending office parties but still want to experience the thrill of Christmas while looking your best, going casual is absolutely a way to do it. 

Pair your jeans with funky, colourful jumpers and make use of plenty of accessories such as beanies and mufflers for a cosy night out. Match your outfit with a fancy pair of shoes to make sure you stand out in a crowd.

8. Patterned Suits

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Patterned suits are suitable for the bold hearted who do not shy away from a challenge. If being the centre of attention of every event you attend is what you strive for, wearing a vividly patterned suit to your Christmas parties this year is bound to accomplish it. 

With an unending variety of boldest patterns, colours, prints and styles to choose from, you’ll surely be the talk of the town for days to come. 

 9. Winter Fashion

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Christmas is the highlight of the winter season every year. With temperatures decreasing all around the world, there is no better occasion to show off your latest winter hauls than during the Christmas festivities. 

Long overcoats, trench coats, woollen blazers and trousers, warm turtlenecks, scarves and mufflers are just a few clothing items you can invest in to enhance even the most basic outfit into something runway-worthy

 10. Matching couple outfits

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Matching couple outfits might look corny on any other occasion but Christmas is the best time to indulge in the tradition with your significant other. Not only are these outfits overloaded with cuteness but they are also a good way to bond with your partner. 


These outfit ideas will surely help you to seriously stand out in the merry crowd and close 2021 with a strong style game.