Sarees of India: Different types of it and how to identify

One of the most popular fabrics, it is comprised of tightly twisted yarns with very fine threads and is the perfect choice for hot summers.


Women in India adore Sarees. Be it the elderly women, or the teens, Indians love to flaunt and drape this beautiful clothing piece. With serenity and simplicity as the main features, Sarees are a great addition to your wardrobe. Not just for the traditional, these are great go-to wear even for the most fashionable events. Here are some of the Indian Sarees that you must have in your closet.

Organza Sarees

Aorganza silk saree is made from special fabric called organza and is sheer silk fabric with a lightweight plain weave. Tput together chic and sophisticated look choose organza silk. They feature sophisticated matte finish and aredurable material.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon is transparent, airy, and lightweight fabric. One of the most popular fabrics, it is comprised of tightly twisted yarns with very fine threads and is the perfect choice for hot summers.

Georgette sarees

Georgette sarees are renowned for their elegance and ease of draping and can be identified by their translucent, crinkled surface. Such sarees are breathable and comfortable. You can even wear it for long time.

Lenin Sarees

The fabric of linen saree will be softer the higher the thread count. For people with pear or hourglass body shapes, linen sarees are suitable since they are wearable and pleasant.

Benarasi Silk Sarees

There are many different price levels for Benarasi sarees. They might be expensive or even affordable.  Designer Banarasi sarees may be extremely costly and bulky. The golden buti work and attractive border on Pashmina Banarasi sarees make them suitable for any wedding occasion.