5 reasons to choose a Sabyasachi designer lehenga for your wedding

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is among the leading India designer’s of today’s time.. He is a renowned name in fashion world. Sabyasachi has been widely acclaimed for his designer sarees and lehengas.

A wedding is one of the most special day  of one’s life. On our wedding day, we expect every little thing to be perfect. For a bride, the one most important domain on her own wedding is the Clothing, accessories and makeup. She wants to look the most beautiful, on her wedding day. 



When talking about wedding and the bride, the lehenga is something, that tops the list of priorities. India has witnessed numerous fantastic Lehenga designers and Sabyasachi Mukherjee is among the most acclaimed Lehenga and saree designer in the contemporary India.



People were wowed when they saw Priyanka Chopra in Red royal Lehenga on her wedding day. Not only Priyanka even Deepika and Anushka too picked Sabyasachi to design their sarees and lehengas on their very special day.


Talking about the cost of Sabyasachi, his every designs costs not less than a whopping price of 3.26 INR. Sabyasachi lehengas are quite expensive, but the price worth’s it.

Sabyasachi works contain certain feelings and tenderness. It has the essence of love and affection that makes it every bride’s choice.Let’s find out 5 reasons to choose a Sabyasachi Lehenga for your wedding day over any other designer.


5 reasons to choose Sabyasachi Lehenga for your wedding day


Essence of Royalty

Every bride’s wants to look and feel like a princess on her big day and wearing a  Sabyasachi lehenga will definitely make you fell like royalty.  Sabyasachi Lehengas are royal, dignified and imperial. A soon to be bride looking forward to look a princess should definitely choose Sabyasachi for her wedding day.


Essence of Elegance

Today most of the designers fail when it comes to develop elegance in the dress, mostly in wedding lehenga because of their thinking. the  wedding dress needs to be very sparkled and colourful. But Sabyasachi has given a completely different notion to it. Sabyasachi has a collection filled with pure elegance and class. His designs  makes a bride elegant and graceful on her wedding day.


Essence of Indian Tradition



Sabyasachi in an interview said that, his designs are inspired by the scenic city of Kolkata . All his designs are authentic and have an ethnic essence. Whereas now, designers are more focusing on modern fashion and international concepts, Sabyasachi stands strong, developing his designs on true realm of Indian tradition.

Quality of fabrics

Wearing heavy lehenga, accessories and makeup is not easy to carry, but a bride is compelled to carry them gracefully and fulfill all rituals. Hence it’s very important for her to feel comfortable. Sabyasachi designs are hand made. He focus more on Indian textile, handlooms and handicrafts. His fabrics undergoes many process to give a feel of comfort. Sometimes they are burned or bleached to give right shade and textile


Sabyasachi’s design is new, different and unique

Sabhysachi works are inspired by geographical diversities in India. He takes his inspiration from landscapes, villages, deserts,gypsies, antique textiles and his hometown Kolkata. According to him, designs should be an extension of one’s intellect. All these elements can be found in his works which make his work new, different and unique. 


Sabhysachi Lehengas can make a bride feel powerful, dignified, and beautiful.