What is DECYL GLUCOSIDE and how does it benefit the skin?

Decyl Glucoside is a widely used component in skincare products.


In order to preserve the integrity and natural radiance of our skin and prevent daily exposure to various harmful substances due to the ever-increasing rate of pollution, it is now crucial to cleanse the skin properly and regularly. The fact that Decyl Glucoside is a common element in many items we use every day makes it one of the many substances that nature gives us. Decyl Glucoside is a key component in all of them, whether they are body washes or infant shampoos. If you’re not familiar with it, we’re here to introduce you to Decyl Glucoside through this article.


Decyl Glucoside, a natural and biodegradable substance derived from corn and coconuts, is a widely used component in skincare products. It has a neutral charge, lowers water’s surface tension, and is frequently marketed as a detergent or cleaner and occasionally as a “non-ionic surfactant.” It is a delicate and moderate surfactant. It does not dry the skin, making it perfect for use in the formulation of toiletries and personal hygiene products. It is utilised in various products due to its strong foaming capacity, mildness, and ease with which it lathers up and thickens while keeping skin hydration. It is compatible with other cleaning chemicals and agents and aids in moisturising the skin to reduce inflammation and itching. It prevents skin dryness even after continuous application.

What are its benefits on the skin?

Decyl glucoside can be used safely in skincare and personal care products like liquid body washes and facial cleansers since it lathers well is a mild agent and is non-toxic. By reducing the surface tension between two liquids, it eliminates oils and debris from compositions while preserving skin hydration. This environmentally sustainable and skin-friendly surfactant doesn’t irritate or irritate the skin in any way.