How does BARLEY EGF benefit skin?

Epidermal Growth Factor is an effective anti-ageing skin treatment.


You may have read about the application of rhEGF for skin restructuring and regeneration. The intradermal and topical administration of formulations containing rhEGF proved successful in the regeneration of skin wounds, and the majority of aesthetic clinical trials point to an effective inversion of skin ageing. However, there are many randomised or uncontrolled trials, therefore that do not constitute adequate proof to prove its efficacy. In both situations, there are momentary negative repercussions.

Give it a read to know more about the benefits of Barley rhEGF for skin and hair.

Barley EGF for skin

Epidermal Growth Factor is an effective anti-ageing skin treatment. In the last ten years, it has been studied for regenerative medicine, and facial cosmetic therapy, and successfully improves skin wound healing. Products for skin restoration from Bioeffect and DNAEGF Renewal use an epidermal growth factor (EGF) similar to that found in human skin that is created in bioengineered barley seeds. The protein produced by barley is a messenger molecule. According to reports, it shares the same 3-D structure and amino acid sequence as human EGF. Human skin cells’ EGF receptors can be found and bound by it, causing the cells to proliferate, divide, and regenerate.

The top-level keratinocyte cells are in contact with the active EGF ingredient when it is applied to the skin, and by talking with them, they are encouraged to begin making their own EGF. Neighbouring cells will then become active as a result, producing a similar response. The process proceeds from the epidermis until the fibroblasts in the dermis receive the signal to create EGF. When your skin is moisturised, the active EGF ingredient works better. Skin that is well-hydrated boosts the effectiveness of the EGF by allowing for better absorption into the skin.