5 effective ways to manage oily skin

Here’s a list of 5 effective ways to manage oily skin and get rid of acne and blackheads and build a healthy and glowing skin

When excess oil pertains on the facial skin as a result of overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands, the skin becomes greasy and thick in appearance. This can lead to many skin related issues. The innumerable minute pores, present on the surface of the skin that releases sweat and dirt, from the skin cells, gets clogged and enlarged due to the presence of excess oil. Acne, pimples and blackheads are some other skin issues that are caused because of having an oily skin. These acne leads to unwanted and awful marks and blemishes on the face. Oily skin can easily lock in the pollution and dirt particles deep in your skin cell. This can spoil the charm of your clear and glowing skin. It is very essential to get rid of excess oil accumulated on your facial skin.

There are number of effective ways and tips that can help manage oily skin and building a clear and glowing skin. These ways include many chemically developed medicines, lotion and many other natural and easy ways to get rid of excess oil on the skin. Here’s a list of top 5 effective ways to manage oily skin.



5 effective ways to manage oily skin


1. Wash face and Stay hydrated

Wash your face frequently with clear cold water. This will clear out the pores containing excess oil and will make your skin oil free. Incase you are using soap or face wash then wash your face twice a day. Don’t use harsh detergent and soap.Whereas hydrating your body is an effective and easy way to get rid of oily skin. This results in building a glowing and healthy skin. Drink atleast 2.7 liters of water a day.


2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many beneficial properties and is very effective for getting rid of excess oil from the skin. It helps to treat flaky skin caused by oily patches. You can directly apply aloe vera as gel or ice cubes. Avoid rubbing it against your skin. Gently apply and massage the gel until it is all absorbed by the skin. Wash your skin properly before applying it. It is very convenient to carry, so can apply it anytime and anywhere.


3. Apply oil absorbing Clay

Most widely used in soap and beauty products, clay has been proven very effective in treating oily skin. It’s properties include high oil absorbing power from the skin giving it a clear and glowing texture and appearance. There are many of brands and types of clay, easily available in the market as online including caffeine clay, charcoal clay that are best known for removing excess oil from the face.


4. Apply moisturizers

Many people with oily skin has a misconceptions about moisturizer. They think that using moisturizer, their skin will look thicker and will give out greasy appearance. But that nots true. An oil free moisturizer will help to reduce excess oil from your face. Oil free moisturizer contains hydrating nutrients and vitamins that builds a glowing healthy skin without increasing oil content in your skin. There are many effective oil free moisturizers available in the market. You can apply moisturizer before going to bed at night for best results.


5. Use Toner

Oily skin can easily absorb pollution and dirt particles in your skin. Using toner can help you to get rid of dirt particles and adds extra cleansing. It is easily available in the market in different brands. You can apply toner in the early morning and before going to bed at night. Put few drops of toner on a cotton ball and then gently apply on your face and cleanse extra oil and dirt particles.