Taapsee Pannu shares how working as an actor helped her become a better person

Taapsee Pannu, a prominent Indian actress, has achieved remarkable success in her career by shattering numerous stereotypes associated with women in the Indian film industry. With more than ten years of experience in the field, she recounts her journey as a roller coaster ride full of valuable lessons. “When I entered this field, I was not trained to be an actor. So whatever I have learned so far is from the work I have done and the charcaters I have played. With every film, I learned a new nuance of acting. The people I worked with, the directors who directed me, and the kinds of characters I did, helped me grow as an actor and become better at my craft,” she tells us.

While the professional growth is obvious, Pannu tells us that development in her personality as a result of her work has also been very significant. “From the time my first film was released, I think I’ve changed a lot. Not just as a professional, but also as a person. Obviously, with age and experience you learn a lot, but this industry helps you grow faster as you meet so many more people per day and you experience so many new emotions. I don’t think if I would have experienced that much had I been in any other profession,” she tells us.


She explains how her job make her go through emotional highs and lows, which in turn help her evolve as a human being. “As actors, you get to see so many things in the world, you go to places, meet different kinds of people, fall in different kinds of situations, pull yourself up. You identify your friends on this journey and understand who are not meant to be in your life. All these things are big learnings that help you grow,” Pannu shares.

The Blurr actor also elborates on the characterstics she has developed in this journey. “My endurance levels, in terms of how harsh I am on myself has become better. I’ve been a very sore loser most of my life while growing up. But this industry has taught me to endure more, to be kinder to yourself, because otherwise, you’ll burn yourself out. It taught me that you’ll never achieve your full potential if you keep targeting yourself and killing yourself every day. So it has kind of helped me become more patient,” she explains.