From radio jockey to actor: Gowtham Avula talks passion for movies and upcoming project

Business Upturn caught up with the talented Gowtham Avula, Radio Jockey, Actor and now a Meme Creator. The versatile actor discussed his passion for movies and an upcoming thriller project that is working on.  He also discussed about his early life and his father’s influence on his journey into the Telegu movie industry.

Excerpt from the interview:


You have done some remarkable work in the Tollywood industry. Can you please give us a brief overview of your journey in the entertainment industry? 

Firstly, thank you for the nice words. It’s encouraging. I started my career as a radio jockey at AP9FM. Initially, I used to host a weekly show at the station, and then, within a very short period, I got the opportunity to host daily shows at the same radio station. Along with that, I was invited to be a part of some celebrities’ shows, including movie promotions with the AP9FM team. In my career spanning nine years, I have been involved in many movie promotions in the Tollywood industry. I have also acted in some memorable films over the years.

How did you initially get interested in acting, and what motivated you to pursue a career in the industry?

Movies have always been my first interest. Since my childhood, movies have played a crucial role in shaping my understanding of the real world. But it was my father who discovered my interest in movies and then supported me in exploring my career in the field. His support helped me nurture my passion into a serious career. He wanted to become an actor but ended up as a police officer. When I discovered this, it helped me become more determined to pursue my career in the movies.

Can you share some of your notable memories in the industry so far?

The Tollywood industry has been a pillar of strength for me. I have loads of good memories to cherish forever. I found great support from my co-workers, industry seniors, and iconic figures in the industry.

If you want me to pick one incident, I would mention my first G-Zombie movie, my first step in my acting career. I remember my parents dropping me off at the location. I found some great co-stars with whom I have bonded well until now.

How do you see the industry evolving in the coming years, and what role do you envision for yourself in that evolution?

The Tollywood industry is evolving at a very rapid speed. The genre has broadened. I like to act in horror, thrillers, and romantic movies. I want to do some great work in the coming years.

Who are your inspirations or role models in the acting world, and why?

I think it was my father who inspired me to be an actor. Although he is not a professional actor, his life motivated me to see acting in a very different way.

From the industry, I think Junior NTR sir has had a tremendous impact on my life as an actor. He is an extremely talented actor, dancer, speaker, and good human being. It’s a privilege to watch him in action.

Apart from acting, do you have any other interests or hobbies that you are passionate about?

My life revolves around movies. I like every aspect of being in the movie industry. I like dancing and singing. I am a meme lover and run a regional meme page on Facebook under the name of “The Tenali”.

Can you discuss any recent or upcoming projects that you are particularly excited about?

Yes, I have already completed ‘Evidence Chapter 1’, a thriller. The shooting is done, and post-production is in progress. I have also started working on another thriller project. We have started working on the script.