EXCLUSIVE: Uğur Çakır, co-founder of ‘SendGB’ talks about the ban of WeTransfer and expansion of SendGB in India

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, most of the work is taking place online. We produce and store heavy data files. However, the problem arises when we have to share these files with other colleagues or maybe with friends for fun. WeTransfer provided a solution for this problem but it is banned in India on the grounds of ‘public interest’ and ‘national security’. In these times SendGB.com another popular platform for sharing heavy data files online has emerged as a saviour. The Estonian based startup SendGB.com provides file sharing in 13 languages. In an exclusive conversation with BusinessUpturn.com Mr Uğur Çakır, co-founder of SendGB spoke at length about the ban on its rival WeTransfer and its plans to grow in the Indian market.

An exclusive conversation with BusinessUpturn.com Mr Uğur Çakır, co-founder of SendGB talks about the ban on WeTransfer and surge in SendGB traffic from India.

WeTransfer, a similar website for sharing of heavy files online is banned in India on the grounds of ‘national security’ and ‘public interest’ by Department of Telecommunication. How do you think SendGB will survive in Indian market?

Mr Uğur: This week, at SendGB, we receive a lot of traffic from India. When we investigated the reason for this, we learned that Wetransfer was banned by the Department of Telecommunications. Banning of a rival service does not make us happy. Because we know that Wetransfer makes many people’s lives easier in India. At SendGB, our aim is to help people who need file transfer. India is a developed country in many areas. File transfer is also an important need for Indians. We keep our servers in Europe. Our goal is to provide fast and easy file transfer.

What will be your response if people sharing copyrighted content over your website?

Mr Uğur: We do not allow unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content. If our users share a copyright copy, copyright owners contact us by email. We delete unauthorized content within 1-2 hours. Our goal is to make life easier for people who need file transfer. However, in doing so, we also work to protect the rights of copyright owners. If a copy of copyright is made in forums etc. places. Content owners can contact us. They can be sure that we will delete such posts in a short time. India is a very productive country. The biggest problem, especially for Bollywood producers, is that they can easily be shared without permission. As SendGB, we stand by all producers and publishers. We are ready to cooperate with them and Indian officials.

On an average how much traffic does your website receive from the Indian subcontinent?

Mr Uğur: During Covid-19 Pandemic, our traffic from Europe and India increased. That’s why we increased our capacity by 20%. We have over 30,000 unique visitors a day. 30% of this traffic comes from India. We are a young service yet and we continue to grow.

In what ways is SendGB better than other online data transferring platforms?

Mr Uğur: Speed, convenience and safety are the most important issues for us. We are especially working on security. File transfer services are widely used by malicious people for phishing. We also take constant measures for phishing attacks. We have tracking systems for phishing. When the phishing attack comes, we can stop these attacks in a short time. We just want to stay as a file transfer service. Our goal is to make people’s job easier. We do not allow malicious users. SendGB has many features and these features are liked by our users. Some of our features are:

  • 500 files transfer to 20 people at the same time up to 5 GB.
  • Files can be stored for free for up to 90 days.
  • Storing files up to 5 GB for 1 year with SendGB Extend. No needed sign up.
  • Automatic deletion of files after downloading, if selected.
  • Password protection for each upload if requested without being a member.
  • No speed restrictions when uploading and downloading files.
  • There is no limit for downloading files.
  • Ability to send files from mobile devices without mobile application.
  • The website can be accessed in 13 different languages.

How do you plan to increase your share in Indian market?

Mr Uğur: At SendGB, we want to serve our Indian users by following the rules of India. We will never allow illegal sharing. We are researching data center in India for our Indian users. Our goal is to store the data of our users from India in the datacenter in India. It is not easy to apply and time is required.

SendGB is a popular heavy data file sharing platform.

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