Eligibility changes to be made in ration distribution this month says Ministry

The department of food and public distribution is now ready to make changes in the eligibility standards of India for the people who are taking benefits from the government ration stores all across the country. There have been a lot of of meetings with the department which works under the ministry of consumer affairs food and public distribution and all the states of India about the changes to be made and to finalize the decision.

According to various sources we can expect that the new standards can be implemented in this month itself depending on the basis of which the people who are eligible to take ration will be decided in the future.


According to the department under the consumer affairs food and public distribution, approximately 80 crore people all over the country have been taking advantage of this national food security act (NFSA) including many of those people who have become financially prosperous since couple of years. This is one of the main reasons the ministry is looking forward to make changes in this standards of eligibility

Sudhanshu Pandey who is the secretary of the department of food and public distribution mentioned that the meeting have been taking place since last six months with all the states regarding to these upcoming changes.

He added lastly that, “Incorporating the suggestions given by the states, new standards are being prepared for the eligible persons to take ration from the ration shops. The standards will be finalized this month itself. After the implementation of the new standard form are only people who are eligible will get the benefits.”