HDFC Bank brings in new SMS banking facility

HDFC Bank’s new SMS service incorporates AI technology, customers no longer need to memorise or write long pre-defined keywords to conduct SMS banking.

For its customers, the private sector bank HDFC Bank has launched a new SMS banking feature. The bank asserts that users can now access a variety of banking services 24 hours a day. 365 days a year, wherever they may be. Customers may now check account balances and summaries, apply for loans, manage credit cards, obtain chequebooks, and more with the new SMS banking feature.

The HDFC Bank’s new SMS service incorporates AI technology, customers no longer need to memorise or write long pre-defined keywords to conduct SMS banking. Instead, individuals can text according to their preferences and the AI will comprehend what they mean, enabling them to converse freely and conveniently.


HDFC Bank has said via a Tweet that “Banking services are now a text away! #BankOnUs and access a wide range of banking services from wherever you are, round-the-clock. 24/7 x 365! To get started, SMS “Register” <Space> “Last 4 digits of customer ID” <Space> “Last 4 digits of account number” to 7308080808.”

In order to get started with the new SMS banking facility of HDFC Bank, patrons are required to complete the registration process. For the same, they need to SMS “Register” <Space> “Last 4 digits of customer ID” <Space> “Last 4 digits of account number” and then sent it to 7308080808 from their registered mobile number. HDFC Bank has mentioned on its website that “If you register through by sending an SMS on 7308080808, you will be able to access SMS Banking instantly. If you fill in the application form to register for SMS Banking, it will take 4 working days to complete the registration process from the time you submit your application form.”

After you register for SMS Banking, you will get the following SMS from the bank on the mobile number you provided. “Successfully registered!~Your account no. ending with ‘xxxx’ is set as default account for HDFC Bank SMS Banking services.Check our Terms and Conditions – for further details.~To get your account balance, SMS your query to 7308080808.~Please call on 1860-267-6161 for further assistance.”

The new SMS banking is Currently available only in the English Language, and it is available 24/7 and with zero charges. Customers can conduct SMS Banking operations from anywhere in India or overseas if they have national or international roaming enabled on their mobile device. “With SMS Banking you can access your account on your mobile wherever you are. Access your bank account, make banking transactions, and monitor your accounts and fixed deposits on your mobile. We are the only bank to offer query based SMS Banking service for 18 transaction,” stated HDFC Bank on its website.

Can I sign up via ATM for SMS Banking?

Customers of HDFC Bank can also sign up for new SMS banking at a branch ATM. They can successfully execute the identical assignment by following the below-listed steps.

  1. Visit your nearest HDFC Bank ATM
  2. Insert your debit-cum ATM card and enter the PIN
  3. Go to ‘More Options’ on the home page and enter your registered mobile number for SMS banking registration.
  4. Tap ‘Confirm’ on the menu and you will receive a successful message on the mobile number you provided.

HDFC Bank SMS Banking Transactions & Services

Customers can conduct the transactions and services listed below after registering for the new AI-enabled SMS banking service, according to HDFC Bank’s website.

Account Services:

Balance Enquiry

Cheque Book Request

Account Statement Request

Recent 7 Days Transactions

FD Summary

Debit Card Dispute


Personal Loan

Auto Loan

Business Loan

Consumer Durable Loan

Credit Card:

View Reward Points

Convert Big Spends To EMI

Credit Card Dispute


FastTag Registration

Open Fixed Deposits

Insurance – LI & GI