Who has Selena Gomez dated?

The famous singer Selena Gomez has had many relationships. Currently, she is enjoying her ‘single’ life. Read about her past relationships.

So, everybody has seen Selena Gomez in some or the other way, be it in singing or acting. She is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. She started her career as a child artist in a kid’s show called Barney and Friends. She gained popularity with her Disney Channel show. Apart from her successful career, the other thing that she is famous for is her alleged connection. So, have done our extensive research about her past life and relationships and made a list of her dates.

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Nick Jonas

Though initially, they denied being a couple, Nick Jonas now married to Priyanka Chopra confirmed in a show that they were a couple. He revealed that it was back when he and his brothers were a band and they kept it very low. They used to be in Central Park and walk with a distance of 20 feet in between that made Selena unhappy about their relationship. So, he said that it ruined her central park experience. Their relationship dates back to 2008.

Taylor Lautner

Back in 2009, when Selena Gomez was shooting for Ramona and Beezus and Taylor Lautner was filming for Twilight, New Moon Saga as Jacob, the two dated briefly. They met through Taylor’s co-star Kristen as both the movies were shooting in Vancouver and Kristen Stewart stayed in the same hotel as Gomez. She played the role of cupid. However, as soon as they left Vancouver, their relationship ended. They are still friends probably.

Justin Beiber

In 2010, two singers fall in love with each other. Initially, they kept denying that they are dating, however, they accepted publicly in 2011 and made it official. Beiber was 17 at that time and Selena was 18. They made a cute power-couple together. But, when the news of Beiber being a father of a child with another woman made its round in the news, this couple had a rough patch. They officially broke up in 2012.

Orlando bloom

After dating Justin. she briefly dated Orlando in 2014. Orlando was married at that time with a Victoria Secret Model, Miranda Kerr. It was considered to be an act of foolishness to make their partners jealous. It did take a bad turn when Bloom and Justin had a face-off and then a fistfight.

Tommy Chiabra

Then she dated this luxury yacht owner and was very open about this. It didn’t last long because Beiber was still in the picture

Back to Bieber

In 2014, Bieber and Gomez started dating again in the hope of making it work. This was of no use. They ended their relationship for once and for all in November again. This wasn’t the end though. After she dated Zedd in 2015, and they appeared in a song, their relationship ended because Zedd could not handle the amount of attention he was getting from the media. It was in the air that Justin and Selena will be back again when Justin had its two songs out dedicated to Selena. This didn’t go well and they didn’t end up together.

The series of date wen on with Oralndo Bloom once again. It didn’t work out with them. Then Justin and Selena were seen going on dates again, but shortly after Justin proposed Hailey Baldwin and the hopes of Jelena to be tofther went crashing down. Justin is now married to Hailey. After this Selena dated Charlie Puth, that didn’t go well either. So, now she says she is single and has not been dating for a while now.

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