Top 9 countries with the lowest income tax rates

The answer to how the world’s lowest-income tax governments struggle isn’t rocket science; it all comes down to alternative quotations of earnings.

The question that arises to my mind before exploring the entire topic is, How do nations with zero income tax endure? The answer to how the world’s lowest-income tax governments struggle isn’t rocket science; it all comes down to alternative quotations of earnings.


– United Arab Emirates


Price of a can of Coke: US$0.83

Income tax: 0%

There are ton of countries with an immense amount of oil. These nations littered throughout the Middle East that don’t inflict an income tax on citizens but the United Arab Emirates is a reliable government and is that’s why the most popular country. Scholastic installations and a robust economy are another important aspects of the UAE.   


– Western Sahara

Price of a can of Coke: N/A – can be smuggled from Morocco for US$0.30 – US$0.70

Income Tax : 0%

A tax-free nation isn’t all about extravagant resorts, coasts and hammocks. Western Sahara is a province of north-western Africa. The nation has been associated with battle and employment for almost 40 years.


– Bermuda

Price of a can of Coke: US$3.45

Tax rate: 0%

The world’s affluent racing cruiser committee supported by billionaire businessman Larry Ellison, Oracle Team USA. 

It’s base in Bermuda gives us some inkling of  the Caribbean destination’s tremendous prosperity. Bermuda is as elegant and idyllic as it comes when you speak about tax-free oases.


– Somalia

Price of a can of Coke: $US0.61

Tax rate: 0%

Somalia is a leading criterion of a tax haven that dissipates the conventional belief of dwelling an exceptional lifestyle by the seashore. The area is arguably one of the least liveable nations in the world. We must say thanks to decades of social war, violation, homicides, abscondings and public turmoil.


– Monaco

Price of a can of Coke: US$5.15

Tax rate: 0%

As the advertisement kid for tax havens it doesn’t get any more fascinating than Monaco for moneyed expats. The perennial garden for such individuals is also one of the world’s most glorious with affectionate marinas draping around biological cliff faces, and palaces and superfluity lodgings fringed by an ocean of superyachts.


– Andorra

Price of a can of Coke: US$2.03

Tax rate: 10%

There are bua nch of tax havens that demonstrate the remarkable seaside habitation, Andorra is for those who choose snow over the Sun. A picturesque small nation placed in the Pyrenees mounts, sandwiched on the boundary of France and Spain. Those individuals making over 40,000 euros annually require to spend 10% tax.


– Belize

Price of a can of Coke: US$1.00

Tax rate: 25%

Belize is the most affordable place and can be called as house. Many tia mes Bermuda and Bahamas is a bit expensive. 

Approximately two-thirds is the cost of arriving of the aforementioned locals, Belize is one of the cheaper Caribbean resorts to be contemplated in the coming day. Income tax is crowned at 25% for people and corporations with the first US$10,000 exempt.


– Brunei

Tax rate: 0%

It may look promising on paper with an income tax of 0%, but Brunei isn’t exactly the most accessible nation in the world. Beneath the opulent, a place with 29 golden domes Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque. and the capital’s gaudy Istana Nurul palace, home of Brunei’s ruling Sultan, is a nation that bypasses income tax through its immense oil wealth. Beyond that, it’s not the most hospitable spot for foreigners and the administration is a marginal tyranny.


– Cayman Islands

Price of a can of Coke: US$2.54

Tax rate: 0%

When most people believe of tax havens tin Cayman Islands frequently relaxes at the top of that chart for both huge industries and individuals. The British Overseas Territory which is positioned off the shores of Cuba and Jamaica shows off zero corporate tax and zero income tax for inmates. Pair this with an idyllic isle lifestyle littered with twilights, catamarans, etc. and you’ll soon realise why plenty of young professional expats have made the Cayman Islands their interim homes before returning to existence, getting a mortgage and beginning a household. 


This is the list of countries with low taxes.