Top 6 Inspiring Quotes of Rashmika Mandanna

is an Indian actress and model who works especially in Kannada and Telugu films. She has attained a South Indian International Movie Award and a Filmfare award. She is known for her smile and these are some of her quotes.

Rashmika Mandanna (born 5 April 1996) is an Indian actress and model who works especially in Kannada and Telugu films. She has attained a South Indian International Movie Award and a Filmfare award.

“When you start apologizing for who you are, you stop growing.”
We are humans and we are destined to be at some point in life. Our birth is planned, our hometown is planned and everything has a meaning that is residing in the creator’s mind. Someone from the village feels that City must be greater in various ways. The middle-class person is envious of his contemporaries and attracted towards higher classes. The moment when we realize and concentrate on our existence, we stop growing. Evolving is the only solution. If we don’t know how to speak fluently in English then we must learn it. We must not live in obliviousness but must be aware of the growth needed for survival.

“Focus on what matters.”
Focus is a very important thing while doing any kind of work. But we must be selective while choosing things and setting priorities. We have a life of 60-70 years and we can’t just waste our moments in the typical routine. Trying to explore this materialistic world as much as possible is a vital attempt. We should concentrate on something that really amounts to something.

“Don’t wait, there is no such thing as perfect as time, start now.”
We want to begin somewhere but, we behave lazily and postpone everything in life. If we are supposed to do this task today, we think, What if I begin tomorrow? This thought kills our optimism and vision. Fresh beginnings don’t have restrictions on time, space. We don’t have such a thing as Ideal in our life. We must not waste time in postponing and instead of that, we must start immediately.

“It’s not about taking risks, everything has a risk, success is about managing risk.”
Every attempt has two possibilities in the phase of outcomes. The first possibility is victory and the second one is a failure. We can’t just run away from the experiment. We will have to endeavour for supreme goals. Success comes to those who constantly try and acquire the changing times. Risks are omnipresent but managing risks is crucial and those who manage the skills of managing risks create history.

Our time on this planet is limited so why waste it living someone else’s life?
Esse Quam Videri, this phrase means to be rather than to seem. We pretend to be someone and hide our real version. We must not waste time portraying any character. We must live truthfully.

“You possess mastery over more things than you realize.”
We think that we are good at dance or at music but when we explore various fields and take efforts to learn that particular thing then we understand that we have unlimited potency and we can numerous things. We are masters of the universe as proposed in the scriptures. Aham Brahmasmi, We are the crystal of that divine. I am Bramha, I am the creator. We really are the creator of problems and victories. We can do anything.

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