Top 3 quotes by Indian Vaccine maker- Cyrus Poonawala

Cyrus Poonawala has created the largest vaccine-making company in the entire world named, The Serum Institute of India.

Cyrus Poonawala started his career as a horse breeder and after continuous efforts, phenomenal medicinal service achieved “Padma Shri.” He has created the largest vaccine-making company in the entire world named, The Serum Institute of India. His institute has served millions by saving their lives and vaccinating them against dangerous diseases like Corona, Measles, Flu, Polio, etc. He is known to be the man with a handful of words and unlimited strategies to serve people and cure their tension.

Few quotes quoted by Cyrus Poonawala for people:


“Besides my love for horses and cars, I am passionate about making the cheapest vaccines in the world. I started making life-saving drugs when I was 22.”

  • The human being lives with a profession for livelihood and possesses something as a hobby. If an individual gets the chance of converting his hobby into a profession then his/her life becomes fabulous. We are living and discovering the entire life just for managing our livelihood. There is something residing beyond selfish life. The moment we realize the philosophical aspect of soul and eternity, we start working incessantly for people. this is the time when we evolve as a selfless entity. Serum institute created vaccines on deadly diseases like corona, measles, etc. We also must learn from this and go beyond our life and work for society.

“Along with my passion for horse breeding, I was a horse racing enthusiast… In 1974 I was elected as a committee member and subsequently as a steward of the Turf Club. I had a burning desire to clean up the sport, which had always carried the stigma of gambling and manipulation.”

  • We must have the desire to scrutinize everything we do. While making our career, we get surrounded by the dirty politics of that field. If we keep going in an ugly direction, then it will not make much difference, but, cleaning up the foggy environment and making everything crystal clear will make our actions remarkable.

“We don’t want to go to the public domain and be accountable to other shareholders and base our decisions on what the market would expect us to do, we want to keep our independence in making our decisions.”

  • Business is all about independence and job is the symbol of slavery. Being a leader of the company facilitates us the right to make decisions that will prove beneficial for others. No matter, if we get returns or not, but, we must provide service to Indians. The business of Biotechnology helped Poonawala to decide the fate of people’s lives. The Serum institute faced various issues while making vaccines but, brainstorming discussions and courage of taking significant decisions for people. What the market expects from us or what the audience wants from us must not be kept in mind after a certain point. An actor works for the audience but, after a certain point, he does everything for his satisfaction. Our service must not be in accordance with changing trends but, we must uplift our level and transform the trends.

Decision-Making, Independence, Selfless service, etc are the lessons to be learned from the life of Cyrus Poonawala. Vaccine-making is not a simple thing. The necessity of vaccines ignites the fire and helps us in the production of life-saving medicines. Polio threatened us for many years but, the vaccine was not available. When Corona came, within one year of outbreak, the vaccine got invented.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Poonawala is the idol for many and especially for those who don’t have words but have thoughts in their mind.