Top 10 famous admirers of Cristiano Ronaldo

According to YouGov, a global community that deals in people’s opinions released their 2020 list of most admired people around the world and Ronaldo was the highest-rated sports person on that list at number 6.

He leaves defenders in shame in awe of his skills, score breathtaking goals almost at will to please the crowd, and above all, he inspires all generations alike. Yes, we are talking about none other than the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. The most influential and admired sports personality to have ever stepped on the field. According to YouGov, a global community that deals in people’s opinions released their 2020 list of most admired people around the world and Ronaldo was the highest-rated sports person on that list at number 6. But people don’t need to see that list to know that Ronaldo is one of the most influential players. He has touched the hearts of general fans and celebrities alike. There are many people around the globe, who despite being famous personalities themselves are attracted by Ronaldo’s charisma. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to feature the top 10 celebrities from around the globe, who admire Cristiano Ronaldo.

10- Arnold Schwarzenegger:


Image Credit: the Insider

Schwarzenegger is a famous Hollywood action and is known around the world for his physique as well as the role of Terminator that he portrayed in the film series of the same name. Arnold has often openly shown his admiration for Ronaldo. He calls him the “Terminator of football.”

9- Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Image Credit: Firstpost

Priyanka is an Indian actress who has worked in both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. She is also a singer and human rights activist. Along with this, she is someone who adores and admired Ronaldo very much. She has revealed her fondness for the player often and even invited him to one of her music album launch’s parties. Although there were other Madrid players present too, Priyanka posted only one picture with Ronaldo on her Twitter handle.

8- LeBron James

Image Credit: SBS

James is a professional basketball player for the LA Lakers of the NBA. He is a legend in his own game and, as they say, diamond recognizes diamond. The basketball player is an admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo. Being a keen observer of the game, especially the ones that feature Ronaldo, James once reacted to Ronaldo’s one of the most iconic goals. As the Portuguese striker awed the whole world with his overhead kick in a match against Juventus in 2018, James went on to Instagram to share a post that read: “Cristiano that’s just not even fair. Nasty!!”

7- Robbie Williams

Image CrediThethe Independent

Williams is an English songwriter and someone who shares the same ideology as Cristiano does. Once, Williams while talking about Rolando’s passion for the sport said that Ronaldo does not play for money, “he would still run around the pitch for 250 pounds.” Such is the worth rate and ethics of Ronaldo that it makes even celebrities from different fields fond of him.

6- Will Smith

Image Credit: Insider

Another Hollywood actor, Smith has been around quite a while to have a fanbase of his own, Neymar Jr of Brazil admires Smith, but the Men in Black actor admires someone else. Yes, he too is greatly fond of Ronaldo. In a press conference during FIFA world cup 2018, Smith said, ‘I love Cristiano… he just has the impeccable taste and style.’

5- Rafael Nadal

Image Credit: RafaNadal Fans

Not only celebs but even players from different sports have been huge admirers of Ronaldo over the years. And the name of Rafael Nadal popping up in this list should not surprise anyone. Nadal is a Spanish tennis player. Besides that, he is a fan and supporter of Real Madrid as well as its former ace Ronaldo. They share such a great bond that he even invited Ronaldo to his wedding.

4- Connor McGregor

Image Credit: evening standard

Also known as the Notorious McGregor is an MMA fighter for UFC. He is a legend in hwn sport, yet is a great friend turned admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo. Talking about the Winger he once said, Cristiano Ronaldo is a phenomenal athlete, person, and entrepreneur.

3- Virat Kohli

Image Credit: NDTVsports

The captain of the Indian Cricket too loves to keep himself in the neve ending list of Ronaldo admirers. Kohli never shies away from admitting to the worst how much the Portuguese striker means to him. In a recent interview with Dinesh Karthik for Sky Sports, Kohli told the world about why Ronaldo for him is better than Messi. The Indian Skipper said that Ronaldo has so many people disagreeing with him, yet he has the mental strength to keep going. Also Ronaldo, according to him, has great professionalism and discipline in his life, which has helped him remain at the top of the game for the past 15 years.

2- Usain Boult

Image Credit: Marca

The fastest man alive, and Olympic gold medalist is one of the greatest sports personalities himself. He currently holds the world record in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4X100 meter relays in Olympics. Hence it is an inspiration to millions. Yet the Jamaican says that it is Ronaldo who inspires him. Such is the impact of this inspiration that after retiring from Athletics Bolt became a footballer and played in the Australian league.

1- Kylian Mbappe

Image Credit: Daily Marceto/ republic world

This list can never be complete without the inclusion of the French star’s name in it. Mbappe is the living example of the fact that dreams do come true, and the only person who kept inspiring him throughout his journey was none other than the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the player, he has looked up to Ronaldo from his boyhood days, and now he is compared to the Portuguese in terms of goal-scoring prowess.