The 6 most intriguing web Series of all time

The changing time is responsible for the changing preferences. People and their critical eyesight makes the Entertainment industry what it is. Newspapers were replaced by Radios and Radios by TV. OTT platforms are the new normal mediums of experiencing emotions.

People used to watch films on gigantic screens in Cinema halls but, now the entertainment industry has been trapped into everyone’s palms. Web series is a new form of visual media. Novels, plays, and short stories are decorated in various episodes and with layers. The characters and screenplay of the web series are well crafted. Every episode has an intriguing and temporary end. Producers and Creators have boosted the quality of Web series. Character arcs in various products are worth remembering. Here is the list of the 20 most intriguing web series of all time.

Band of Brothers


It is the creation of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. It was just a product consisting of 10 episodes but is one of the best shows.
World War 2 is the base of this series. A group of American soldiers is the protagonists during the war. Each episode highlights an individual story. Ron Livingston, Damien Lewis, are the performers.


Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are the stars of this cinematic universe. It successfully entertained the audience by creating six seasons. It is considered the most influential web series in the history of cinema. Vince Gilligan is the man behind this magnificent product. The most engaging element in this series is the presence of the Anti-hero.



Chernobyl is a tiny web series produced by HBO. The story revolves around the events of the Nuclear catastrophe of 1986. Complexities in the story are due to the implementation of strategies by the USSR to solve the issue. The show ranks 1st in many of the rankings. The performances and conflicts are worth watching.


Game of Thrones

The last season got less response compared to the rest of the seasons.
Game of Thrones has attained a position in popular culture. A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin was the base of this series. In few seasons the screenplay was in resemblance to the series but in the last 2-3 seasons everything became abstract. Creators of this iconic product were DB Weiss & David Benioff. The story is filled with complexities and various characters. The presence of veteran actors makes it more intriguing.


Money Heist

It won the best drama series in 2018 at the International Emmy. It is Spanish in its origin. The non-English title of this series is ‘La Casa de Papel.’ Almost 65 million audiences watched the fourth season in the first month. This show has an in-built pace and is just like a slow poison. While watching the episodes, our brain will get anesthetized. The show keeps us on edge and unravels every aspect in a unique manner.


House of Cards

House of Cards narrates the story of Francis Underwood is an authoritative, vicious person. Claire is the conflict-creating character as she stops Francis from exercising his authority. Washington D.C is rotten by desires, greed, sex, and corruption. This story has captured everything in a very authentic manner.


Watching the twists and turns, experiencing the journey of an unknown character, and establishing the relationship with that character at the end of the series is fascinating. Web series, characters, elements become epic. Being an entertaining form of 10+ hours, it has diverse factors in the plot. Web series will become more flexible in the coming days. Everything is dynamic in the field of entertainment. Let’s hope for the best changes in the future.