Meet the next generation of top 5 business tycoons of India

They are the heirs of their fathers’ empires. They are the children of the top affluent businesses tycoons of India. Yet they have created their own identity, and all set to take the business legacy forwardand make it more flourished.

Let us have a look on the next generation of top 5  Business tycoons of India:-


1) Mukesh Ambani’s eldest son, Akash Ambani has already started taking responsibilities of his father’s huge business. Akash studied Economics from Brown University. He is currently serving as the Chief Strategist and head of the business development of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. Jio is  one of the biggest mobile carriers of India. The striking concept of taking unbelievably low charges from a huge consumer population is the key of success of Jio. He has been married to diamond heiress Shloka Mehta. It was a grand wedding with the guest list including Google CEO Sundar Pichai to former UN General-Secretary Ban Ki-moon and Bollywood’s biggest stars.

2) Akash’s twin, Isha Ambani also plays an important role father’s organization. Isha has completed double major courses in psychology and South Asian studies from Yale University. She has the experience of working as a business analyst at global consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. Inc. for a few months. Shr has given the charge of the branding and marketing aspect of Jio. She recently played a pivotal role in building a partnership between Jio and the Connected Women Program at GSMA which is a global group of mobile carriers. It will help Indian women gain digital access. Isha launched the company’s online fashion portal, in 2016. She got married to Anand Piramal in late 2018.

3) Rishad Premji is the son of billionaire Azim Premji, the Czar of the Indian IT Industry.  Rishad took charge as the chairman of the India’s fourth largest software service provider, Wipro, in July last year. He studied Economics from Wesleyan University and pursued MBA from Harvard. Rishad joined Wipro in 2007 as the Chief Strategy Officer. Under his guidance, Wipro has invested in multiple startups across India and other countries through the $100 million Wipro Venture fund.

4) Roshni is the only child of the founder of HCL Technologies Ltd, Shiv Nadar. Roshni is known for her philanthropic activities. She had studied communication from Northwestern University, with a focus on radio, television and film. She had worked with channels like Sky News in London. Currently she is leads the unlisted private holding company, which holds 50 per cent stake in HCL Technologies Ltd and HCL Infosystems Ltd. She reportedly makes strategic decisions, handles the governance structures, treasury, risk and portfolio management of HCL.

5)Adar Poonawala is the son and heir to Cyrus Poonawalla. He studied at the University of Westminster and took charge of his father’s office in 2011, when he was 29. Serum Institute is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by number of doses produced. Serum began exporting its products globally under Adar’s guidance only. Adar founded Poonawalla Finance to provide loans to low income consumers and small businesses recently. It has already lent more than $110 million. Adar now wants to launch new low-cost vaccines for diseases like dengue and pneumonia.