Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai epsiode update: Abhira fights with Yuvraj

Episode Update: February 19, 2024.

Dadi begins the episode by wondering why Abhira hasn’t arrived yet. She asks Krish to call Abhira. He says she is not responding. She says, “I can’t wait for more, Vidya; sit in the puja.” Vidya sits. Yuvraj asks, “Did you get hurt? I’m sorry, baby.” Abhira picks up a wooden stick. He says, “No, will you beat me? Sorry, I’m not scared of this.” She scolds him. Armaan calls Abhira. He claims she is either being reprimanded by Dadi or not returning my phone in rage.

Ruhi scolds him. He says I need to contact her shortly. She shouts plenty, and you feel suffocated with me, yet I’m glad we got locked here because it gave us the opportunity to communicate honestly. He asks what you want to talk about. She shouts, I can’t see you with Abhira. Yuvraj says, baby, Abhira, we are made for each other; Armaan came in between. Abhira beats him.


He says I’m getting injured, but I love you. She scolds him, saying, “You killed my mother and went to a party; you will see my feelings now; I have had anger and hatred in my heart for months; you will see my madness now; and you made a final mistake today by coming to my house.” He claims I came that day, and Armaan came in between. Ruhi replies, “I know Abhira is your responsibility, your duty; who am I, and what should I do?” She argues. Yuvraj says, “If Armaan isn’t your husband, I’ll kill him.” Abhira beats him. Ruhi replies, “I want you to live your life on your own terms; I’m hurt seeing you like this.” Armaan stops her. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays… He recalls their moments and cries.

Ruhi claims you don’t say anything, yet your tears speak volumes. Arya appears and invites them to come. Yuvraj claims you will see my attack now. Abhira offers to return if you have the fortitude. He claims you’ll come to me now. She says, Don’t run; stop. Armaan and Ruhi come. Vidya says lights also came with your arrival.

Dadi says we did the puja and came to party with you. Armaan asks where Abhira is. Dadi says she took puja responsibility and disappeared. He asks what. Vidya says I’m worried. Manisha says yes; the mask man attacked her. Krish says she isn’t answering. Manoj says I will ask the guard about her. Aryan says she is super strong; nothing will happen to her.

Dadi claims she left in rage, but I rebuked her and refused to give in this time. Manish apologises, but I can’t believe she’ll leave Puja and go. She invites everyone to dance. She asks Charu, “Where were you?” Charu claims I went to a friend’s engagement. Everyone dances to Tukur Tukur. Krish notices Sanjay and turns away. Abhira says, “Stop.” Yuvraj says you’ll come to me. He runs away. Armaan sees Ruhi. He calls her Abhira. Abhira arrives. They all notice Abhira.

Armaan inquires, “What happened? Are you okay? Say something; I’m tense.” She cries and hugs him. He responds, “Don’t worry, everyone is there; tell me what happened.”

She remembers Yuvraj. Dadi receives a call. She inquires what… She claims your father needs you. Armaan, Madhav went to apprehend a criminal; the criminal shot at him; Madhav had to shoot him in self-defense; the criminal died in the encounter; his family is accusing Madhav of a fake encounter; he could lose his job; and you know he values his career more than his family. You must fight Madhav’s case. Armaan says I’ll go. He advises Vidya not to worry. Vidya tears and hugs him.

Dadi tells Abhira that if you need my help, you can come to me or anybody else, except Armaan, who has gone to retrieve his father; don’t distract his focus; he shouldn’t lose the case. Abhira nods. (End of the episode.).