Star Cricketers will be the next guests on The Kapil Sharma Show this weekend

The Kapil Sharma Show will bring out, three-star cricketers on the show this weekend along with their wives.

The Upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show is going to be a Binge-worthy night for all Cricket lovers. As the IPL season is finally here, Three-star Crickets along with their respective wives are going to be the guests of the show this weekend.

The list of guests will include Cricketer Suresh Raina with his wife Priyanka, Deepak Chahar with his wife Jaya Bhardwaj and Aakash Chopra, the cricketer turned commentator with his wife Aakshi Mathur.


As soon as all the guests arrived at the show and stepped on the stage, the host of the show, the Actor and Star Comedian, Kapil Sharma wasted no time and started messing with them as always.

Pulling Deepak Chahar’s leg, Kapil jokingly said that why he feels shy when he is on the show with his wife. Everyone presents over there, burst into laughter after hearing the joke cracked by Kapil, who is known for his amazing sense of humour and comic timing.

After Deepak, Kapil’s next target was none other than Suresh Raina, as he asked the cricketer if he is still owning the title of a fun-loving person even after getting married or if the table has turned.

Later on, in the show, Jaya Bhardwaj, the wife of Deepak Chopra revealed how he said that “Pehli baar kiya hai kadmo ka sahi upiyog” when she was leaving the room in an angry mode.

The Glimpse of the promo is shared by the official Instagram page of the channel.