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MC Stan and Kapil Sharma’s rap dance gets record breaking views

Kapil Sharma recently shared a clip of the upcoming episode of his show ”The Kapil Sharma Show”, and the clip has set the internet on fire and has got record-breaking views and comments. In the video Bigg Boss 16 Winner MC Stan and Kapil Sharma can be seen grooving to MC Stan’s rap “Basti ka Hasti”, the rap is from his album ‘Insaan’. MC Stan can be seen in jazzy and vibrant clothes, he is wearing a red pantsuit. In the video, the crowd can be heard cheering loudly in the background.

As soon as Kapil Sharma posted the video, it went viral, and in no time the small clipping got record-breaking views and comments. Till now it has 14.8 Million views, 2.9 Million likes, and 46.7k comments. Kapil Sharma posted the video with the caption, ” Kya bolti public? Vibe hai k nahin ? Love you bro @m___c___stan”



Already popular MC Stan has gained more popularity after winning reality show Bigg Boss 16, he has been invited to various shows and ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is one of them. Netizens are  saying that the video got millions of views in few hours because of MC Stan’s popularity and not because of The Kapil Sharma. Many netizens are commenting and reminding Kapil Sharma that the views and likes are for MC Stan and not for him. One fan wrote, “Are bhai 2 ghante me 2 million like bhai kya power hai mc stan ka” another fan wrote, “Le kapil :- itne like kase Aa rahe meri post pe Aab merko bhi rap karna h Mc ke sth” and one more user commented, “Kapil sharma ke career ke sabse like wali post yehi hai.”

After seeing this clip people are excited to watch the full episode. One user wrote, “I am very excited to watch this show” and another fan wrote, “KON KON Excited hain? HAQ SE”