Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Anvi to talk to Rao Saheb about Mama Ji, will she be able to reveal his true face? –Here’s what we know

Bhavika Sharma and Shakti Arora starrer Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is becoming a beloved show for the audience. The serial is dropping some entertaining scenes and narratives that have kept the fans hooked to their TV screens. The recent episodes revealed the true face of Akka Saheb’s brother aka Mama Ji. He abused Anvi when she was a child and that has caused her trauma since then.

Savi becomes aware of Mamji’s intention towards Anvi. She insists the Bhosale family get a psychiatrist to diagnose Anvi. Mama Ji gets furious at Savi’s action as he knows it will land him in huge trouble. He makes a plan to bad-mouth Savi to everyone so that no one can believe her claims.


The upcoming episode will showcase Savi insisting on the Bhosale family to let Anvi see a psychiatrist. This will cause everyone in the family including Akka Saheb and Rao Saheb to criticize her. They will warn her to be out of their familial matters. Anvi’s mother Nishi will state that her daughter is fine and doesn’t need a medical check-up.

At that time, Savi will arrive and everyone will ask her what’s the matter. Out of utter fear, she would abstain from telling the truth. Nishi will suggest that Anvi is just stressed out because of her exams and there’s a need for her to see a psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, Mama Ji will instigate Akka Saheb against Savi and state that she is doing all this for attention. He will say how Savi has been annoyed by the fact that Reeva has been given better amenities than her in the medical college. Hearing this, Akka Saheb would reveal that she wouldn’t let Savi’s plans work out in any way.

Moreover, Reeva also tells Ishaan that he should listen to Savi’s claims as she wouldn’t go around saying ill about anyone. She insists he takes Anvi to the psychiatrist. On the other hand, Anvi will apologize to Savi for hiding the truth about Mama Ji.

Savi will explain to Anvi that if she doesn’t speak up for herself, it will weaken her. Anvi will then go to Rao Saheb and tell him that she wants to speak about something. Will Anvi be able to reveal the horrifying truth about Mama Ji?

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