Millind Gaba , Big Boss OTT contestant hopes to sing in a Karan Johar film

Molina Gaba looks forward to work with Karan Johar on his upcoming projects and talks about his collaborative desires with the director.

Punjabi musician Millind Gaba is looking forward to an optimistic opportunity to collaborate with the director and host Karan Johar on his upcoming project through his ongoing participation in Big Boss OTT.

Millind belongs to the list of contestants that we’re on the show aired this Sunday.


When asked about Karan Johar as the new host instead of Salman Khan, Millind Gaba expressed that Johar’s presence matters a lot to him.

He mentioned that the name of Karan reminded him of fashion and went on to share about their common craziness for shoes and clothing.

“Our wavelengths match on several fields, the first being our love for fashion”

“Now he produces films and I produce music. You never know at the end of the show, we may come up with something. Maybe a collaboration wherein I get q chance to sing for him.” The contestant claimed.

The artist talked about his anger saying “It is not that violent, but it is loud for sure”

He named his anger as ” Dilli wala guess” and added that he doesn’t indulge in physical violence and how things can take a turn in this scenario.

“Fans will see that I will stand against fake-ism, hypocrisy and wannabeism, irrespective of who is the target. I will be the first one to jump in and it say out loud that it is wrong.” The musician added.

Recently the singer had worked with Nikki Tambolio, a contestant from Big Boss 14 and claimed she didn’t offer any tips yet.

The artist said that he did not seek any tips from anyone, whoever called up to congratulate him.

“I have told them all I can do is be honest.That is my strategy.” Millind concluded.