Bigg Boss 14: Gauahar Khan and Kavita Kaushik call Eijaz Khan a ‘bully’ and a ‘dictator’

Kavita Kaushik and Gauahar Khan think Eijaz Khan is doing a fairly poor job at being a captain

The Bigg Boss house is getting more ferocious, more intense, and more competitive as new wild card contestants make their entries while others make their exits. Recently the show saw Kavita Kaushik evicted along with Nishant Malkani. The show also saw Aly Goni entering as a wild card contestant last night. With more contestants inside the show, the captain, Eijaz Khan, shoulders greater responsibility for his inmates. In the meanwhile, the offscreen Bigg Boss attachments, Kavita Kaushik and Gauahar Khan think Eijaz is doing a fairly poor job at being a captain.

On Tuesday, the former Toofani senior took to her Twitter account and lashed out at Eijaz, calling him a dictator and a bully. She seemed to be full of conviction in her tweet after watching the brutal spat between Eijaz and Jaan Kumar Sanu. “Eijaz is being such a bully! N soooooooo bad tameez! I’m amazed!” she tweeted. “Captain is a Captain, NOT a DICTATOR.”


Kavita Kaushik, on the other hand, intensified her thoughts on Eijaz as being a selfish leader who only uses people for personal gain. She also clarified that her comments were not personal but rational. She had no intention of stranger-zoning him. “I just feel a little surprised to see how a very simple thing that I was trying to convey got so badly misinterpreted by everyone. All I was trying to convey was that this man (Eijaz Khan) — I don’t know, my intent was (to say) that this particular gentleman — does not need friendship or love,” Kavita told IANS, conveying her shock over the misinterpretations that came up after their fight. “All he does is use people. My mistake was that I felt bad. I played with my heart. My outburst was because I was hurt, and that went against me. I’m just a little surprised at how people have not understood that he is just using people. That is all I was trying to say,” she added.