Bigg Boss (Hindi): Biggest controversial spats over the seasons

Bigg Boss is already set with its new surprise, “Jungle-Themed”, season number 15. Here is a glimpse of some biggest controversial spats over the years.

Bigg Boss is well-known for its controversies, hitting headlines over the seasons, for what its participants do inside the BB house. Till date, be it fights, dirty secrets being revealed or even romances gone wrong, the drama quotient of Bigg Boss is always a top notch reality show. As we all are excited for binge-watching the latest season; before that let’s take a ride on some of the biggest controversies over the seasons in the Bigg Boss house.

Here are some lists of controversial spats:


Dolly Bindra’s spat with Manoj Tiwari and Shweta Tiwari

Bigg Boss 4 contestant Dolly Bindra, who is mostly noted for her aggressive nature and her verbal lashing became highlighted overnight because of her dialogue, “Baap Pe Mat Jaana”. She signed a mark for herself by using this dialogue with famous Bhojpuri actor, Manoj Tiwari in a fight over eggs in the kitchen. Also, the contestant got into a physical fight with actress Shweta Tiwari (BB4 winner). The fight took an ugly turn when Dolly hit on Shweta’s arms.

Swami Om pees on Bani and Rohan

Bigg Boss 10 one of the controversial contestants Swami Om, hrew urine on his fellow contestants, Bani J and Rohan Mehra. Swami Om was highlighted to be the big mouth of the house. Later, he was immediately evicted from the show due to such activity.

Prince Narula v/s Rishabh Sinha

Prince Narula and Rishabh Sinha contestants of Bigg Boss 9, evidently they didn’t like each other, and both were from Splitsvilla show, before becoming competitors in the Bigg Boss house. Both the contestants had disagreements on a daily basis in the house, but things took an ugly turn when Prince made actor Kishwar Merchant walk like a dog (no joke) for three hours straight during a task. What turned out as an argument, complete with muted cuss words between Prince and Rishabh.

Frenemies- Shukla and Asim

Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz, a well-known frenemies bond they shared though out the season. They started their journey as friends, but soon turned against each other. The two would oft get into fights and disagreements; which was difficult for the audience to judge who was actually wrong. While Riaz would deliberately provoke Shukla, the latter would oft go forward to pushing him. Getting physical is strictly prohibited in Bigg Boss, and many felt that Shukla was treated leniently by not being evicted. Fans of Riaz even accused Colors of being partial towards Shukla and pre-deciding him as the winner. And it was not just Riaz, Shukla had a major showdown with Rashami Desai as well; where the two hurled personal remarks at each other.

Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh’s frying pan incident

BB 13 contestants Vishal and Madhurima, entered in the reality show after an ugly break-up. They had a huge face-off, which became the result as eviction from the show. The fight turned out of control, when the latter hit the former with a frying pan after he emptied a glass of water on Madhurima.

Zubair Khan’s alleged suicide attempt

BB 11 contestant Zubair Khan, it was alleged that he attempted suicide in the Bigg Boss house after Salman Khan scolded him. He was reprimanded by the host for misbehaving with other contestants. While scolding him, the actor-host called him ‘nalla don’ and said, “Kasam khuda ki, tere ko kutta nahi bana diya na, toh mera naam Salman Khan nahi.” Also, Zubair even filed a complaint against Salman Khan while he evicted from the show.