Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Khanzaadi, Mannara, Sunny and Soniya talk about the significance of the show- “Bigg Boss ka matlab hai mind game”

In a snippet from Bigg Boss 17’s “Unseen Undekha” feature, Firoza Khan, Mannara Chopra, Sunny Arya, and Soniya Bansal were captured speculating about the BB17 house’s importance.

As per the most recent Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha video snippet, housemates Firoza Khan, Mannara Chopra, Sunny Arya and Soniya Bansal were seen speculating on the significance of the BB17 house.

Bigg Boss has been a favourite among viewers across the nation and speculations on the format and purpose of this controversy have always been forefront of conversations. Even the contestants competing in the Bigg Boss 17 house were clipped having such a discussion.


This Bigg Boss 17 clipping started with actress Mannara Chopra explaining her version. She said, “Aap game khelo but kayde kannon sae khelo, jaha baatein galat lag rahi hai waha apne mudde rakho.” Sunny Arya agrees and adds, “Bigg Boss matlab parivar.”

When Firoza refutes and suggests, “Yeh parivar nahi. Bigg Boss ka matlab hai mind game.” Sunny disagrees and says, “Ghar ka matlab parivar hota hai,” while asking Soniya Bansal to explain the same to Firoza. However the former says that she won’t listen while Firoza asks the group to prove their explanation of ‘Ghar’ being a ‘Parivar.’

Mannara Chopra then stops the argument saying that she hasn’t seen such ‘Kalesh’ in her own family in her entire life. Soniya then explains by saying that we are all here to make a family which garners a belly full of laughter amongst the group. The clipping ends with Firoza Khan saying that she is happy being only a contestant and not a member of the family for the game as she gestures her hand in the praying position.