Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Abhishek Kumar and Navid Sole shake a friendly hand; Sunny Arya says, “Former has a soft and a hard heart”

Latest Unseen Undekha clipping brings in an interesting conversation wherein Navid sole urges Abhishek Kumar not to be so angry all the time. Tehelka interjects and explains that the latter has ‘Gussewala’ heart and a soft heart.

Bigg Boss 17’s latest Unseen Undekha clipping brings with it a heart-to-heart conversation about Abhishek Kumar’s hearty behaviour inside the controversial house.

The clipping starts with a fun conversation between contestants of the house Navid Sole, Abhishek Kumar, Sunny Arya aka Tehelka and Anurag Dobhal. The conversation then turns into a schooling lecture about the way Abhishek talks inside the house. Navid asks the latter to be square and not stay in anger. Abhishek then tries to explain the incident where tea was beyond the boiling point but Navid goes on to explain that he had gotten angry way before the tea incident.


Navid then helps get the branch out of Abhishek’s hair and mentions, “Look, I have your back so make sure you support no rawr, okay promise?” Abhishek agrees but warns the former that if they are wrong then he will most definitely mention and Navid agrees but ask if he means it.
When Tehelka (Sunny Arya) explains to Navid that Abhishek is of two hearts. He further adds that one of his hearts is hard. Sunny mentions, “He thinks from dimaag and is very ‘Gusewala’. While another is a Soft Chaati, you’re taking panga with the hard part of his (Abhishek’s) heart.”

The clipping ends with Sunny apologising to Abhishek as well but in a joking manner with Navid and Abhishek shaking a friendly handshake.

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